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Knoebels PPP This Weekend


10/3/13 at
8:11:45 AM

Previously, I had said that I would not be attending PPP this coming weekend at Knoebels. Now, there is a chance I could show up...most likely during the daytime hours.

Who else from URC is planning on attending?

Re: Knoebels PPP This Weekend by MABrider MABrider Profile at 10/3/13 12:42:31 PM

I won't arrive until (the meeting of the usual cast of characters at Fascination at) 3:45 Saturday.

Then (most of us go) on to the Scooters by 4:30.
Then, well, you know...

Mike B.
Re: Knoebels PPP This Weekend by rocketmover at 10/3/13 1:25:31 PM
Unfortunately, I will miss PPPP for the second year in a row as I have a conflicting engagement at my daugher's college in Virginia. With the caveat that I have no inside information, picked up the following from today's local news -

"One ride Knoebels would not confirm would be open this weekend is the Flying Turns, which has been under construction for 7 1/2 years. The ride, billed by Knoebels as the only one of its kind in the world, travels freely through a wooden trough instead of riding on a track."

Might be reading too much into this, but "would not confirm" sounds much better than "will not be open"

Stay tuned - looks ready!!!!

Re: Knoebels PPP This Weekend by chitlins73 chitlins73 Profile at 10/3/13 7:08:57 PM
I will be there for the first time this year! I am very excited because I hear so many good things about this event. I would like to meet anyone on this site who is attending. If anyone knows what they would be wearing, maybe I would be able to spot you and say hi. Also any tips on planning the day would be helpful. I am just going to stick with the Phunfest plan that is 23 dollars.
Re: Knoebels PPP This Weekend by ben_s at 10/4/13 2:31:23 PM
I'll be there.

Really playing games with us with the FT photo that's out -

We shall see.

Jeff, if you're there, I will marathon Phoenix row 6 with you any time.