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Magic Mountain Trip Report Green Lantern problem


9/23/13 at
8:21:25 PM

MM was more crowded than expected on 092013. Wait times for Tatsu, Apocalypse, and Green Lantern were 1-half hour to 2 hours. Some people had Flash Passes. I enjoyed the scenery and the rides for the most part. One exception was Green Lantern. The actual ride cycle was fine with high thrill value. As it is a vertical plane free pitch kind of ride as it would happen we wound up taking the large turn near the bottom on our heads. Imagine taking 3 negative Gs. Blood rush to the head. It made me sneeze. That's not the problem. Both my seatmate and I had trouble boarding the ride because the seat were too high. Ride-op didn't help either of us. I had to grab and climb. I'm not sure how my seatmate finally got in, but when the ride ended she complained of a medical issue. The ride manager came over with a step stool, so I know that there was some help available. I got out fine with out it. She needed medical assistance so an EMT arrived shortly.Green Lantern is a suitably intense and short ride but the height of the seats concerns me. My ride on Scream was thrilling and best part, I only had to wait 25 minutes. I passed on Full Throttle and its hour long line and opted for shopping at Flags and Looney Tunes store.

Re: Magic Mountain Trip Report Green Lantern problem by Schrecken Schrecken Profile at 9/24/13 4:31:20 PM
Seats on certain Intamins are often pretty tough to get into for people who aren't tall, never been on a Zac Spin before, though, only inverted Intamins. I have trouble getting into the seats on the Volcano and impulse coasters, and my friend who is 4'10", has a really hard time.