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New for 2000 Whalom, Camden, Wlms Grv , Arnold's

sparky sparky Profile

4/4/00 at
1:37:24 PM

Ready? NOTHING! However, I thought it might be nice to break the Ohio parks soap opera with a friendly commercial from your local independent park that has a classic wooden coaster waiting for you to ride again, and again, and again with a queue line half the length of Burger Stall 1 at PKI (you know, that gas station themed thing near Vortex). LOL- April's here, and the wheels are starting to roll towards the season- just a bit restless.


Re: New for 2000 Whalom, Camden, Wlms Grv , Arnold by Masher at 4/4/00 3:45:20 PM

Nice post Sparky. I make it a point to visit the small locals, not out of charity NOOOO cause its FUN:-).

As for Whalom, "They are loosing far more than they are gaining with their classic carousel up for sale:( Whalom REALLY needs the support of the local enthusiasts with Six Flags flexing their muscel just up the road.