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Intimidator test and 2014

PkD4Life PkD4Life Profile

9/12/13 at
10:57:24 AM

Saw it on Screamscape so I had to contact some friends that live down in that area and they did confirm that 305 was indeed testing as of yesterday afternoon. Great news...finally!

This year has been one of the worst years in recent memory at KD as it pertains to rides being down. Crypt is still down as far as I know with one of the motors not on the ride. 305 has been down for a while but thankfully seems to be back up, maybe this weekend. On and off this entire year rides have been going down. Now I understand it happens, just seems to have been happening a lot this year.

Also, word is today around 2 KD is going to announce what, if anything, new for 2014. Yesterday on there Facebook page they release the following:

"Over the years at Kings Dominion, several popular rides, shows and more have come and gone. So answer this...

My favorite past attraction at Kings Dominion was _______.

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement tomorrow afternoon at 2pm right here on our Facebook page!"

So that leads to me think that maybe something else is leaving in 2014 to make way for 2015 which is an anniversary for the park. Or they are going to bring back an old show or two from the past. Maybe the singing mushrooms :) One can only hope I guess.


Re: Intimidator test and 2014 by Coaster316 at 9/12/13 11:23:14 AM
They just posted the following update on Facebook...

"My favorite family tradition at Kings Dominion is ___________.

Stay tuned. Less than 3 hours until our exciting announcement... and you'll find out first right here on Facebook! Tell your friends to "Like" our page to be in the loop!"

Sorry to hear that its been a rough year at KD. Even though its been a few years since I've been, I still consider the park to be my favorite place in the world. So many memories at nearly every corner.

Don't have a guess on this year. I see the Screamscape rumor is a new fountain show, which I'd be fine with. Watching the fountains change colors at night used to be a big thing when I was a kid, so it even fits in with today's update.

Re: Intimidator test and 2014 by Cyclone_Phil Cyclone_Phil Profile at 9/12/13 1:48:48 PM
Good to hear it is testing. Agreed that it's been a bad year for them. Last year I had a great time, seems like such a shame they had issues especially their major coaster. As for 'past attraction', as long as nothing happens to avalanche, I don't care which one goes: Hurler or Anaconda. Assuming they are talking about a coaster removal.
Obviously it's wishful thinking if the park can build a new coaster for the 2014 season, but 2010 feels like a long time ago.