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chillforce chillforce Profile

4/4/00 at
1:04:35 AM

Thanks to Comet3506, the following has been brought to my attention. This past weekend there was an accident at a carnival. Of course they will use this as fodder for the major parks. Please use this site to see the what happened on the swings in Philadelphia area.

Please note thaqt this is a MSNBC site also and they are the worst of the scavengers. Time to boycott NBC

While trying to research this, I obviuosly went to the accident report site. and was surprised by the report I read as it made it sound much worse than the NBC report. While in this site, please check out the top of the main page and the California Conference and what is said there. that site is

This is not the way we want to start the seson. The parks are definitely under a microscope and maybe you had some special perks last year, forget them now.