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Cedar Point Trip Report August 20-21

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8/22/13 at
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Hi, everyone! I just returned from my first overnight stay (not first trip, however) at Cedar Point & Hotel Breakers. I've always considered myself an enthusiast and found myself at this forum while searching for more information on coasters. I thought I'd jump right in with a trip report, given how much I enjoyed reading the reports posted.

(I apologize for the lack of photos; my husband lost his phone on Raptor a few years back and ever since then ... we just do without. Haha! Cedar Point was kind enough to mail it back to him at no charge after it was located!)

We departed our home in Rittman, OH at about 8 a.m. Tuesday, 8/20. We arrived at Hotel Breakers just before 10 a.m. We couldn't check in, but we snatched up that early access pass and headed into the park shortly after 10 (general admission is 11 am in the later months).

We made a beeline for the Millennium Force and waited for about 20 minutes. MF is always my first ride in the park. We tend to like sitting towards the back of the train for the air time, which was great as always. We were blessed with a beautiful clear sky and that gorgeous view of Lake Erie to the left. I was moderately surprised at the somewhat roughness of the ride. I'm pretty sensitive so I'm sure it was nothing major, but it had been two years since I last rode. Prior to this trip I rode it in 2004, 2010, and 2011. I'm a huge fan of the air, which I guess I didn't realize people complained about the lack of on this ride until I started reading trip reports/blogs. I feel that it is pretty good sitting in the back; it's my favorite part of the ride. For the first time ever, I experienced a grey out/tunnel vision from the g forces coming around that first bend after the drop. My husband said he always gets them ... that was a new one! I assume it was from being the first thing I rode and little hydration.

Since I am bad at remembering things in exact order, I'll just spout off the other things we rode.

Top Thrill Dragster (2x): I previously rode this in 2010. I must've grown a new pair of you know whats, because I couldn't keep my eyes open back then. This time, I fully embraced that amazing launch and kept my eyes wide open, enjoying the view and the intensity. I'd never considered making the trip to Kingda Ka until absolutely LOVING this ride. The second ride on 8/21 was a little rougher than the ride on 8/20. Both were perfectly clear, HOT days, so I'm not sure why. We felt a little slower on the ascent as well. Fun times. Also, I'm a huge fan of the beauty of TTD. I love standing underneath it and being in awe of its magnificence.

Magnum XL-200 (3x): This used to be my favorite coaster, and it's still awesome. However, my husband only rode it twice because he became pretty sick. He's sensitive and gets motion sick easily, so he declined an additional ride. It was definitely bumpy, but those gosh darn bunny hills (just now learning the lingo) ... that air time ... exhilarating!!! Well worth it in my book. The wait time in the afternoon was about 30 minutes, whereas I was able to get on in less than 10 minutes in the evening of 8/20. I tried sitting in front vs back for roughness but didn't really notice a huge difference. Visually, I LOVE the view of the Magnum from over in Soak City (which was great). I just laughed and smiled watching the trains go by!

Wicked Twister: This used to be like, my favorite coaster (which startles some people). Maybe it was the long line and the obnoxious people in it, but I just didn't get into WT this year. It felt shakier than 2011, and just ... not as intense. Still fun; I still LOVE that freefall when you're coming down backwards. And you must also ride barefoot. The view of Lake Erie doesn't hurt, and this is also an aesthetically pleasing coaster to look at. Coupled with the Windseeker at night on the shores of Lake Erie, it makes for a wonderful atmosphere.

Gemini: This was a coaster my dad (complicated relationship) and I enjoyed when I was about 10. I'll never forget him leaning over the train to slap hands with the teenagers in the other racing train. We're also both Geminis, so this was "our" coaster. I had to ride it for sentimental value, but I didn't get the same thrills. The crazy ending (I'm sure there's lingo that I don't know for it, sorry!) where you're curling around sideways is always my favorite part. My husband hated it though; too rough.

Blue Streak: I *think* I rode the Blue Streak as a child, but I don't remember. I was pleasantly surprised with it this week. For some weird reason, the line was like, 45 minutes in the afternoon! We thought it was going to be shorter, as the queue sign said only 15. Oh well, it was still worth it for the historical value of this nearly 50 year old coaster. The only thing that concerned me was the guy in front of us was slapping the awnings over the tracks ... like, I didn't think that was a good idea ...

Power Tower (2x): Since I love air/surprises, I've always loved Power Tower. The line is almost always really really short, and if it isn't, just wait a little. I finally rode the "up" and enjoyed it more than I expected. The "down" however is my favorite. The view of the park is fantastic; in fact we squeezed in a final ride on TTD thanks to seeing how short the line was! Unexpected bonus!

Raptor: The wait for the Raptor was less than 10 minutes, so I had to hop on. When I last rode it in 2010, it was a very rough ride. However, I thought ... well, let's try it again. As long as I kept my head back and pressed to the right, I was okay! I'll never ride in the middle of this coaster again however; nothing to look at except the great view of Gatekeeper on the first hill. After that it's all feet. I can't get over how much I love the atmosphere of this ride, though. It's truly a RAPTOR, it feels like I'm roaring and ripping through the sky. The sound of the coaster is great.

Some may wonder why I didn't ride Gatekeeper or Maverick. For Gatekeeper, I'd heard mixed reviews. I'm sure I would like it, but the lines were crazy whenever I approached. However, I wasn't all that motivated, so it's no big deal for me. As for the Maverick, my husband and I rode it in 2010 or 2011 ... no thank you. We did not enjoy the pain in the neck and the nausea we experienced afterwards. I know people love it, and I feel like on a better day I might like it more ... but, I didn't want to risk feeling awful on my mini vacation.

If I'm leaving anything out, I'm not sure it was worth mentioning ... but I think I got it all. We also spent quite a bit of time in Soak City as it was REALLY hot. We waited until we got checked into our room on 8/20, and hit the water park from 5-7 pm. The lines were short on the slides (Eerie Falls is the best! Racing slides) and the Renegade River is something I could float on for hours. The water is extremely clean and not chemical-y or in any other way weird. I've been to Kalahari quite a few times, and I enjoyed this a lot more.

As for the hotel experience, we stayed in the Bon Air (i.e., cheaper) side of Hotel Breakers. Like I mentioned earlier, I've never stayed on site, mostly because we live within an hour and a half. However, I really wanted to enjoy the park to the max AND get that early entry. That early entry was so worth it to me; I'll likely never go to CP again without staying on site if I can. The room itself ... eh. No amenities like a fridge or even a hair dryer. Very basic, but clean. We were on the third floor, and there is no elevator access. We packed lightly so this was no big deal, but still a little annoying.

Last but not least, food. We ate at a concession stand near the front of the park; a mini corn dog/french fry combo that was actually a pretty good deal and really tasty. Chick-Fil-A was overpriced as was to be expected ... we ate at the TGI Fridays attached to Breakers in the evening and both really enjoyed our meal. Sadly, a woman at a table near us like ... dropped to the ground for an unknown reason and the EMS had to come help ... we moved out to the patio to give them some room. From an observer standpoint, the first aid team was really responsive to the situation, although I believe she declined to be transported.

If you're a custard fan, there's a very delicious custard stand back in Frontierland. I got a chocolate cake cone ... oh man. It was almost too much, but I'll never throw away yummy food. So delicious!

Well, there's my report! Thanks for reading, and I hope it wasn't too long winded. If I left out any details anyone wants to know about, please let me know ... or tell me what I should leave out next time, hehe. I really enjoyed lurking here and hope to learn more about coasters and their physics ... that's my main interest!

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