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SFMM and KBF update

Jim Disney

4/3/00 at
11:35:45 PM

Hey all,

Well, I guess Psyclone isn't being canned yet. :( (The audience groans in agony) Oh well, I like to think of it as a reason to save myself from the walk back there. Nothing else is new, the park has NO new parts for any rides ANY where. :) Trust me, we've searched... front stage, back stage, EVERYWHERE... there's nothing.

KBF has moved quite a bit in Soak City construction. Perilous Plunge is also moving along quickly.

Well, if you want to check things out, just follow the link below.

The Southern California Coaster Club

Update fixed by Jim Disney at 4/4/00 10:37:07 AM

Hey all,

If you were having problems with the update, it's now fixed. It seems Front Page had a mind of it's own when it told the pages where to look for pictures.


The Southern California Coaster Club