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SFGAm Rumor

chitlins73 chitlins73 Profile

8/19/13 at
4:23:18 PM

I am very excited about the latest rumor from Great America. Word is that they plan on building the fastest wooden coaster!! Not sure if this will be U.S. or World record but regardless,I am very excited about this news!! I hope The Gravity Group was hired to design this proposed new woodie!!

Re: SFGAm Rumor by jackrabbit jackrabbit Profile at 8/19/13 5:32:07 PM
A pre-fab would be fab. Would be a great addition to their collection.
Re: SFGAm Rumor by Franchise at 8/19/13 8:06:00 PM
Given Six Flags' recent relationship with RMC, it would seem highly likely they would go with them for the project. The next most likely to be involved will probably be, in order of likelihood, Intamin, GCI, and TGG. Either way it's awesome to see all these successful wooden designs and it appears that it's going to continue for quite some time.
Re: SFGAm Rumor by GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile at 8/19/13 9:19:55 PM
How funny is this? Check out this page with a rumor for SFGA and look at the picture. Then look at the Screamscape FB page I posted.

Morons, LOL! They have photoshopped that guy on EVERY coaster and people are reporting it as news.


(here's the Screamscape page with the photoshopped pics: )