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Fujikyu Highlands in Japan Trip Report

rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile

8/18/13 at
2:37:56 AM

So I know I've been saying this for awhile now but I finally got to go to Fujikyu yesterday.

So the trip didn't exactly start off the greatest. My friend Christian and I should have got off work at about 5:00 pm on Friday night but due to unforseen circumstances we end up not getting of until about 7:00 pm. So we first we went to the Nex on base to get some Red Bull. Pretty much a Walmart but cheaper prices for the military. So we left base at about 7:30 pm. We walked to the train station and finally left Yokosuka about two and half hours later than planed. the train system is very easy to use in Japan but the way to get Fujikyu is very confusing. There is a bunch of transfers and it takes about 4 hours to get there. So we get off the train in Fujiyoshida at about midnight. First off the hotel for Fujikyu was on the opposite side of the park than the train station is. So we had to walk around the whole park to get to the hotel. sand by about 12:30 we get checked in to our room. Japanese hotel rooms are very nice. And it was very nice to sleep in an actual bed over a rack on a ship.

So the hotel is kind of like the hotels at Cedar Point. You get into the park and get a free pass for about ten dollars cheaper. In Japan all the parks are pay per ride and a free pass is to be able to ride unlimited rides. The hotel also let us in to the park 30 minutes early compared to Cedar Points hour early. Now the difference between the two now though is that the rides don't open until 8:00 am. So even though we got into the park early we still couldn't ride anything until the rides opened. So we basically were able to get in line for one ride before the general public did.

So we got in line for Fujiyama King of Coasters. It reminded me a bunch of Goliath at SFMM . It is 79 m tall or about 259 feet. It has a very similar layout except it has some airtime hills in it. Now this was better than Goliath though. And it was a little rough. But one thing I enjoyed about this ride was it had an element that was like the camel backs that Nitro at SFGAdv has except that each of the hills turns. So it will turn left going up the hill an then turn right going down. And it has about three of those. It was a very unique element that I have never seen. I sort of have a picture of it that I will post at the bottom. But that element is kind of hidden out of view from any path. And we only waited about 20 minutes for it. The next ride we went to was an almost copy of Max Air at CP. The main difference is the disk gets closer to upside down then Max Air does. And goes a little bit higher. This had no wait whatsoever. There was about 5 people in line. But the problem here was they had to wait until they had enough people to fill the disk up to let us on. Little did we know though that this was the first of many problems throughout the day. Overall this was a better ride than Max Air.

Next we went to Eejanaika. This is a 4th dimension coaster like X2. Except it sucked compared to X2. It is advertised as the tallest 4th dimension coaster and most inversions on a coaster clocking in at 14. So it started out for the worst when we had to wait an hour an half to ride it. If this was X2 it would have been about a 45 minute wait. The trains only have 5 carts instead of the 8 that X2 has so they only load 10 people on each side instead of 16. Another thing that makes it go so much slower is the riders are not allowed to close the restraints. The ride workers have to do it for you as if they don't trust people to close them correctly. I was yelled at on here for trying to do them myself not knowing you weren't supposed to. When the ride first started it felt just like X2. But pretty quickly I realized where the extra inversion was at. It was about half way down. On X2 it flips you so you are facing down the whole first drop but this it flips you so you are looking strait down the first drop then about half way down it flips you again so you are now going down with you back facing the ground. It hurt very bad. Then the rest of the ride didn't get any better. The extra height made it worse because all the elements were about the size that they are on X2 but the speed is faster since that the height is higher. It makes the ride very rough. I can't say that was worth an hour and half wait. Next we went to eat pizza. Yes there was pizza at an amusement park in Japan. The amusement park food here is mostly Japanese but like how parks in America have mostly American but usually have some Chinese. Here it is mostly Japanese but have some normal American park food like hot dogs, turkey legs pizza, fries, and dippin dots. It was 11 dollars for a soda, two slices of pizza and an order of fries. A soda is normally about two dollars. Which is quite cheaper than American parks.

Next we went through a walk-through challenge attraction. They basically put you in a prison cell. Then the gates will open. You are given a little card. There is a machine you have to find and insert your card into which marks three pictures on the card and you have to find three more machines which will mark the images onto your card that the first mark shows you. They are hidden throughout the prison. You have six minutes to find them. It was fun but it was difficult to find the machines. They were very well hidden. We only found one of the three pictures. This was also an hour and half wait. It would have more fun if it wasn't such a long wait all in the sun and no shade. It was very hot out and we were going to go get in line for the rapids ride. We ended up not because it was another hour and a half wait. But their rapids are much different than American Rapids. It was more of a Roller Coaster Tycoon rapids ride.

So next we went on Takabisha. This is roller coaster unlike any that I've ridden. It has a 121 degree drop on it. The words steepest. But there was surprises non this coaster. By looking at it it looks like as you exit the station it immediately goes up the vertical lift. But it doesn't. The station starts off in a dark building. after exiting the station it drops down maybe a 50 foot drop in pure darkness and goes through it's first inversion, a twist. Then it hits a break run and slows down. Then it launches you out of the building through it's next four inversions before hitting another brake run. Then it hits a a sharp 90 degree turn. Usually on Wild Mouse coasters have this sharp of a turn. Then it goes to ascend the 90 degree lift. It takes about 40 seconds to hit the top. Once at the top it slowly goes down about a 20 degree drop and stops you right at the edge like how Shiekra and Griffon does. Then it releases you down the 121 degree drop into 2 more inversions. That drop is one of the craziest elements I've ever been on. I'll have a picture at the bottom. It look beautiful also. It is just as smooth as Millinium Force is.The only thing keeping this as my favorite roller coaster is that it doesn't have airtime. Nitro, Millinium Force and El Toro still hit top three and this is number four. It's a great experience. And I feel more parks in America need to install these. This was also about an hour half wait but this wait was completely worth it.

The next ride we went on was Dodonpa. This coaster has the fastest acceleration in the world. it reaches about 108 mph in 1.8 seconds. It is a very fast ride. It launches you strait out of a tunnel. It has a long strait away then drops down about 20 feet around a banked 150 degree turn and goes up about a 100 foot tall airtime hill. Once it starts the ascent it basically forces you up out of your seat so much it is painful. Christian and I weren't ready for it and it mad us both sore. I can't say that this was a very good ride just because of how much it hurt. It would have been more fun if that airtime was a little more smooth and not so rough. This was a 2 hour wait and also wasn't worth the wait. We had enough time to ride one more ride before we had to leave. The last bus going back to Yokohama was leaving at 6:07 pm so we had to make that bus. the last ride was Panic Clock. This is a flat ride kind of like the pirate ship rides. Except your not in a ship but it is floorless and goes in a 360 loop like 6 times and once it holds you upside down for like 3 seconds. This was a very good flat ride. It makes me wish that parks in the states had more flat rides that were very thrilling like this. After we got off went to get some some food. We had decided that instead of getting more pizza since that is the only non Japanese food that was near us we decided to just get Dippin Dots and that we would eat once we got back to Yokosuka.

The reason we took the bus back was simply because the train took four hours when the bus takes 2 hours. And the bus was cheaper.

Now my opinions on the park itself. The location of the park both improves the park and hurts it. It is right at the base of Mt. Fuji so it's very scenic. It's surrounded my mountains and it's in a little mountain town. But the location hurts it because there isn't really much room for expansion. on on side of the park is Fujiyoshida and the other sid of the park is the highway. The only expanding they could really do is if maybe they could build on the other side of the highway but that is very unlikely since Mt. Fuji is a world culture heritage site. Almost all the coasters instead of having 8 cars per train have 5 which makes line times much slower than they should be. also adding in that employees have to do your restraints and won't let you do them also makes much slower wait times. And all the queue lines are very boring it is basically just a back and forth line. All the problems in this park could be avoided. But they would all have to fixed by the management. The coasters cant be blamed on the park but the designer since the two have big design flaws in them. The other two were great though. Overall I give the park about a 5 out of 10. Clean park but with such long wait times that could be avoided and dumb rules that don't need to be in place really hurt the park for me.

For some reason it won't let me post the pictures. If you want to see the pictures again you can add me on Facebook.

Brandon Carlson

Re: Fujikyu Highlands in Japan Trip Report by frontrow frontrow Profile at 8/18/13 10:27:31 AM
Great report Brandon. I've been very interested in that park. I've heard that It's a very busy park. Fujikyu Highlands and Disney Tokyo are the 2 places in Japan I hope to some day visit. Thanks for report. Most likely I'll never get to Japan, so it was really cool reading about it.
Re: Fujikyu Highlands in Japan Trip Report by GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile at 8/18/13 10:56:04 AM
Great TR - I enjoyed reading it. That is definitely a park I would love to go to one day. I have a friend I went to school with who lives in Japan and she's always trying to get me to go. She said they have age restrictions on the rides there - did you notice that? I thought that was unfair. I have also heard that the park gets extremely crowded, and by your wait times, that sounds confirmed. Do they have a Fast Pass system or is that a US thing?

Thanks for sharing. I'll friend you on FB - I want to see the pics! :-)-


Re: Fujikyu Highlands in Japan Trip Report by rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile at 8/18/13 5:02:14 PM
They definitely have the age restrictions. That sucks for sure. You have to be 10 And cant be older than 61.

Brandon Carlson

Re: Fujikyu Highlands in Japan Trip Report by rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile at 8/18/13 5:24:15 PM
They sort of have a flash pass system. Its Different than the states though. Since its pay per ride you can buy a special ticket for that ride which skips the line. But the tickets sell out for it. We didnt find out about until the end of the day and they were all sold out besides the Windseeker copy.

Brandon Carlson

Re: Fujikyu Highlands in Japan Trip Report by antikythera antikythera Profile at 8/18/13 7:14:41 PM
Thanks for the TR on Dodonpa. I enjoyed reading about it as no amount of pictures and/or POV can give an accurate report of how it feels.

I sorely miss Hypersonic XLC, even though it was a terrible ride.

Nothing in my opinion will match that launch -- I wish S&S had gone on to perfect these rides instead of discontinuing it.

Re: Fujikyu Highlands in Japan Trip Report by GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile at 8/18/13 7:15:28 PM
rollercoastersfreak said:

They definitely have the age restrictions. That sucks for sure. You have to be 10 And cant be older than 61.

Brandon Carlson

Do they actually ask everyone for ID or only if you appear to be under/over those ages? Talk about age discrimination, LOL!


Re: Fujikyu Highlands in Japan Trip Report by rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile at 8/21/13 3:51:26 AM
I'm not sure if they ask for ID's or not but they never asked for mine.

Brandon Carlson

Re: Fujikyu Highlands in Japan Trip Report by DippinDot DippinDot Profile at 8/22/13 4:00:24 PM
Wow, great report! I found this very enlightening. My traveling party wanted to visit Fuji-Q while we were in Japan this past April, but time constraints didn't allow it. I'm not really sure now if it's worth trying to make time for in the future versus other parks in Japan. A friend of mine in Osaka wants us to go to Universal Studios Osaka and another friend from Hokkaido, Tokyo Disney. Not sure what will happen as I wanted Fuji-Q for the insane coasters. Thanks again!

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