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Our Carowinds Incident

frontrow frontrow Profile

8/14/13 at
10:19:56 PM

Carowinds was our last stop of our trip. I plan to write a full TR, but I think this deserves It's own thread. Our last ride on Intimadator my daughter and I took the back seat, and my son sat in the 2nd row from back. There were a group of teenagers 4 or 5 rows ahead of us. During the ride, near the end, these teenagers decided to throw objects in the air. The objects were coins, metal ball bearings, metal cubes, and anything else they could fit in their hands. I saw the debris flying through the air and hit my daughter. When we hit the brake run I asked my daughter where she had been hit. She was fighting back tears and was hit in the chest and neck. This is where I went nuts.

I was immediately challenging the culprits. No one would man up, which was a good thing. My daughter was pulling this debris out of her bra. When we returned to the station, I went nuts on the ride op. I could see the welts devolving on my daughter's chest and neck. I couldn't positively identify the culprits, so the ride op blew it off. I was in total rage and I literally was looking to throw fists. A security guard met me at the exit. I went nuts on him. Once again he blew it off, which enhanced my rage. At this point, I realized I was acting irrational and nothing was getting accomplished. I was headed for jail in North Carolina if I didn't calm down.

We went and rode more coasters and starting having fun again. On the way out I stopped by Guest Relations and calmly informed them about the situation. Once again, they blew it off and told me to call the park when I got home. I asked to speak to their manager. The manager approached me and I finally talked to someone with a brain who understood te severity of the situation. I even brought up the Dueling Dragons situation. If that sit hit my daughter's eyes, who knows what could have happened. The manager informed me that from now on everyone must show open hands before boarding any ride. So if you visit Carowinds and they ask to see open hands this is why.

One thing I learned is that I need to make some self improvement. I thought that I was older and past those kind of outbursts, but apparently I'm not. I literally wanted to fist fight because someone hurt my little girl. I'm sure someone will hurt my daughter in the future and I'm going to have to hold my temper, because nothing gets accomplished when I'm in that state. It's a shame that happened, but my temper only made the situation worse.

Re: Our Carowinds Incident by GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile at 8/14/13 11:18:48 PM
Holy crap - I'm glad Haley's OK. NOT cool. I don't blame you - I would have lost my sh*t too if that was my niece. I can't believe no one did anything to them - that's the worst part. And how come nobody on the train backed you up? There had to be others who saw it or got hit with stuff. That pisses me off.


Re: Our Carowinds Incident by frontrow frontrow Profile at 8/14/13 11:48:30 PM
My friends and family said the same thing, but that still doesn't make my behavior acceptable. The ride op responded in way that this was a common thing. The security guard was more concerned about my choice of language and the volume of my tone than the incident. The manager was they only person who listened to me, and finally offered First Aid to Haley. By that time it wasn't necessary. I'm sure my attorney would love to hear this story, but we all agreed we are not going to go that route. We had a great time, and we refuse to let idiots ruin it. Haley is fine and up to 234 coasters. She can't wait to ride more. If you go to parks as often as we do, you are going to encounter some off the wall sh*t. The important thing is that we have fun. This gives us something to talk about and remember, without any long term effects. Haley was the tough guy. She refused to let this ruin her day. She went on and rode and had a great time. Too bad Dad couldn't follow the same suit.
Re: Our Carowinds Incident by drachen drachen Profile at 8/15/13 12:23:56 AM
Ken, without being there, I'm actually impressed that you held it together as well as you did. I appreciate what you said about bettering yourself, but I feel like you were totally in the right about being enraged.

Besides being my little girls, my daughters are my world. If anyone physically hurt them, especially as a result of such a punk act, I would have lost it. I would not have let those punks leave the station without the park doing something about it. I would have made them make me move out of their way.

Security guards are often spineless (no offense to any out there...). But, I wouldn't have let the ride-ops blow me off. They have immediate access to management if they want it.

I'm sorry about your experience. I hope your trip was fun otherwise.

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Re: Our Carowinds Incident by jackrabbit jackrabbit Profile at 8/15/13 3:01:10 AM
Wow that is terrible, thanks for the heads up I will try to keep my head on a swivel and be mindful of any riff-raff that might be boarding the train with me.

Great job keeping your cool. It would be hard to fight those instincts. I would have trouble not threatening legal action at least.

Maybe eye-protection isn't a bad idea for roller coasters. I wear it at work all day. I can feel the protective urges rising up poor kids...

Re: Our Carowinds Incident by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 8/15/13 6:03:33 AM
I'm glad that your daughter is okay Frontrow. Your reaction realizing that some cowardly idiots actions could've seriously hurt your daughter was totally understandable.

Ironically almost EXACTLY a year from today, on my Carowinds trip 8/19/12, some kids in the seats right in front of me were throwing pennies off the SAME COASTER, Intimidator! The kids were very young, couldn't have been any older than 9 or 10; They were haphazardly throwing single coins off the crest of the airhills.

I should've told them to stop, and was real close to doing that, but I just try to stay to myself enjoying my visit, and I realize how many parents today (didn't see any) think that their kids are never wrong with anything, and alot of parents are unreasonable etc. I know that there were people behind me that saw exactly what they were doing also. Luckily, no one was hit. I started to put it in my TR, but I left it out.

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Re: Our Carowinds Incident by MABrider MABrider Profile at 8/15/13 5:28:54 PM
I feel bad for your daughter, but I'm glad to know she rebounded well. I would have been in those idiots faces. But the days of having young, impressionable children are well behind me now so it's not likely to happen to me.
Then again, I can play the "old man" card to my advantage, as it were. ;-)

There are a*holes in this world.
There are also people of all ages that do a*hole-y things every once in a while, yet live their lives otherwise.

Perhaps the latter in this case...?

Mike B.
Re: Our Carowinds Incident by Ligtnin78nic Ligtnin78nic Profile at 8/15/13 5:52:12 PM
People are nuts.I know they have cameras on the coasters but not all over the whole thing.Lifts,maybe the brake runs.They should atleast check the camera footage to back you up. Thats serious stuff.
Re: Our Carowinds Incident by GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile at 8/15/13 5:59:02 PM
Ligtnin78nic said:

People are nuts.I know they have cameras on the coasters but not all over the whole thing.Lifts,maybe the brake runs.They should atleast check the camera footage to back you up. Thats serious stuff.

Good point! If someone took out their cell phone and started taping the ride you know damn well they would have been nabbed but not for something like this that is WAY more dangerous than snapping a pic or video? (not saying it's safe to take pics on a ride - just more safe than throwing metal objects in the air at riders!)


Re: Our Carowinds Incident by Stredain Stredain Profile at 8/15/13 7:28:54 PM
You're in the right about the blowup! The items as they came down weigh more than when they are in your pockets. My god.. People are getting stupider as they ride coasters! I wold have gladly taken someone's head off if they hurt my boys with such stupid actions! As for the staff's response, talk about not giving a phuck.. its inexcusable. I hope that your daughter is okay and you were justified to be angry!
Re: Our Carowinds Incident by HamptonRoadsRider HamptonRoadsRider Profile at 8/15/13 8:24:05 PM
Wow man. I dont see myself acting calmly in that situation either. Good on you for considering your own behavior, but thats a pretty big offense by the culprits when you consider the possible outcomes. As i was reading, i was hoping you'd catch em...which likely would have ended badly for everyone. Best thing to do is move on, avoid morons (impossible on a public coaster), however unsatisfying.

The good news is you may have saved a future rider from injury or worse by insisting to talk someone with a brain.