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Magic Springs (Arkansas) getting boring?


8/12/13 at
10:04:00 AM

I go to magic springs Arkansas every year, mostly when I concert is in the park. I notice every year, that the park gets more static. The last new coaster was X Coaster in 2006, but rumor has it that it will be sent to elitch gardens this year. The new attraction this year was called splash island, a family water park arena with a small few slides and the giant bucket that drops water.

It seems like the amusement side of the park is going down hill. The wild mouse ride was removed this year to make room for splash island. Originally 5, now down to 4, with x coaster gone, that would be 3.

When Ed hart owned the park from 2000-2008, he built the water park, and 4 rollercoasters. I wish he would come back and do to magic springs to what he is doing to Kentucky kingdom.

Re: Magic Springs (Arkansas) getting boring? by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 8/12/13 6:51:15 PM
I never been to Magic Springs before, but I would hate to see that place become another Alabama Adventure; Losing all of the dry rides, with only a waterpark remaining. With the X-Coaster still operating for the 2013 season, hopefully they changed their minds, and will find a way to keep it there, although I have my doubts on that.