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Re: List your top 5 favorite queue lines


4/3/00 at
8:37:07 PM

> It doesn't have to be a roller coaster
> either. This thought came to me when I was
> at IOA yesterday and was in awe at the line
> for Dr. Doom's FearFall. Totally awesome.

I haven't been in many queues that were very interesting, but I think that the neatest that I've been in, is the Texas Cyclone's. Whenever I'm thinking about this ride, I also think about the totally bizarre entrance. It's a giant head of either some kind of clown or vampire attached to a billboard that reads: TEXAS CYCLONE: THRILLS, CHILLS. To get to the loading station, riders walk through the mouth of that clown/vampire, or what ever he is. The line is placed underneath the structure, which I think is really awesome, because you can see the first turn coming out of the station and onto the lift hill, and two fast turns right above you, with the cars screaming along every few minutes. I'd like to know if that entrance has always been there, because I saw a picture of it that looked pretty old, and one of the Texas Cyclone's upward turns above the entrance looked a bit tighter and more wicked then it does now. I think the whole coaster really needs a paint job.