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Seattle Wheel & Roll-O-Plane on Steroids


8/9/13 at
3:46:35 PM

Can anyone explain to me how the Drew Expo Seattle Wheel, requiring three trailers for transport, can be described as the "world's largest portable midway attraction" when their recently-acquired Space Wheels requires four trailers for transport? Also, about 15 years ago at the North Carolina State Fair, the midway of which was provided by Strates, I saw a large version of the Bullet (aka the Eyerly Roll-O-Plane), which ride was called the Sky Master; I am aware that, at times, the ride I term the Eyerly Loop-O-Plane "on steroids" has been called the Sky Master also; my questions are (1) who built the "Roll-O-Plane on Steroids" and (2) who owns it? (I've never seen it on Strates' midway or web site, so I take it it was booked in.