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The Imagineers of Main Street


8/8/13 at
1:44:53 PM

I know I'm getting older because it's the theming these days that makes me stand back in awe rather than the rides themselves.

I love the stories behind the theming.

I love stories like this referring to Main Street @ Disneyland Paris:

“Europeans are interested in what’s behind the storefronts. The façades are not enough. Instead of having Coke Corner, which is just a place where you go for a Coke and a hot dog – something Americans take for granted – we gave European visitors Casey’s Corner, which is a kind of vintage soda-fountain environment..”

(Attributed to Tony Baxter)

Believe me when I say that Main Street at Disneyland Paris oozes more "Americana" atmosphere than any of the Disney Parks in USA

I truly believe that the Imagineers at Disney are up there with the Oscar laden super stars of Broadway and beyond.

If Eddie Sooto was British I reckon he should be knighted.

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The Imagineers of Main Street

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