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CGA's Gold Striker is amazing!

John_Knotts John_Knotts Profile

8/3/13 at
5:33:32 PM

I can't believe how much this coaster has slipped under the radar here. Having got several rides on this coaster over the last few days, I have to say it more than deserves a second look from enthusiasts. It's easily the best coaster GCI has built since Thunderhead, and imo, even tops that one. Relentless speed, marvelous floater airtime, and just a kick from beginning to end. This isn't just another GCI, it is perhaps their best to date.

CGA finally has a winning ride on their hands, and if you live anywhere in California, it it worth the trip!

Re: CGA's Gold Striker is amazing! by drachen drachen Profile at 8/4/13 1:29:07 AM
I know, right? I think the reason it's slipped under the radar hear is that most of this forum's participators live in the east or the south. I don't see a whole lot of west coaster presence at this point. Hopefully that can change, because California has some very nice parks and coasters!

I rode Gold Striker toward the end of June. It landed in my top 10 wooden coasters, and is at the top of my list of GCI's. It's absolutely fantastic, and for me, it makes Great America a destination park.

On that trip I visited Belmont, Knott's (twice), Scandia, Gilroy, Santa Cruz, Great America, and Discovery Kingdom. I'm been meaning to do a full trip report for the past month and a half, but the task almost seems insurmountable...

I'll get around to it eventually. And when I do, I will RAVE about Gold Striker!

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Re: CGA's Gold Striker is amazing! by JeffyJosephNCali at 8/11/13 6:22:47 AM
Glad you liked it! I've already ridden it over 100 times and I still can't get enough! By the way I've kinda been a lurker of this forum since 98 and finally am posting, hopefully there are more locals like me from NorCal, you guys are an awesome bunch! :)
Re: CGA's Gold Striker is amazing! by AngryGumball at 8/15/13 8:12:23 PM
Gold Striker is pure amazing, hands down one of the best experiences CA has to offer when it comes to coasters! I currently have 115 laps under my belt and have followed this project from the beginning. 115 laps and more to possibly come this weekend!
Re: CGA's Gold Striker is amazing! by GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile at 8/15/13 9:40:12 PM
Finally some West Coast people! A majority of us are East Coasters and we hardly ever get to hear regular stories or TRs from the West unless one of us is on vacation. Welcome! :-)

I have to do another full CA trip soon - I went to Knotts, Belmont and Sea World last August but was at a conference in San Diego and didn't have time for any other parks. I've never been to California's GA - never been up that far north. I'd like to visit the park someday for sure.


Re: CGA's Gold Striker is amazing! by singemfrc at 8/20/13 12:18:52 AM
Agree, Gold Striker is amazing. I haven't been to the east coast to ride El Toro, nor have I gotten to Outlaw Run yet, so Gold Striker is definitely my favorite woodie for now.

I'm about 2 hrs drive away from CGA so it's a bit of a trek (and 680 is a boring drive), but Gold Striker certainly makes it more appealing.

I drove down on April 30th for the first preview day and was lucky enough to have a second-to-last row ride on the very first public train. I went back last month, and will definitely making at least one more trip this season. If Gold Striker wasn't there, it probably would have been one trip instead of three.