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What's With the Busch Park Cutbacks?

Overbanked Overbanked Profile

7/30/13 at
5:22:16 AM

What do yall think about all of these attraction cutbacks concerning the Busch theme parks? The Tampa park recently closed down two popular restaurants near the height of the season (blamed on low attendance).

The Williamsburg park closed down Pirates 4D, and Europe In the Air AKA 'Soarin' Over Europe'. What gives?

Re: What's With the Busch Park Cutbacks? by antikythera antikythera Profile at 7/30/13 10:31:30 AM
Screamscape is also reporting that they aren't ordering more of their signature merchandise at the Williamsburg location like their handpainted steins and whatnot.

I'm not up to par on the management of these parks, but when they sold the company to Blackstone in 2009, it was inevitable that things would change over time.

Despite some of the questionable changes the new management has made since then, I do like certain aspects they have done quite well, like Christmas Town.

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