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Photo report Seaside/Casino Pier/Funtown Pier 7-2-13

Posted: 7/28/13 at 10:56:34 PM
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Well in honor of Casino Pier finally opening the ride pier this past weekend I thought I'd post my pics from my trip to the Seaside Boardwalk from the beginning of July. I will use CP for Casino Pier abbreviation and FTP for Funtown Pier. I will start with Casino Pier and let you know when it changes to Funtown Pier (it's pretty obvious) The entire set of pictures can be found here(I put them public so anyone can see them) :

One thing I want to mention before I start is please still keep those in your thoughts and prayers who are still struggling and have not been able to rebuild. Just because the boardwalks at all the touristy destinations are looking good it doesn't reflect the entire shore:

Taken in Mantoloking on rte 35 on our way to Seaside

Taken in Ortley Beach on our way in

We went to Seaside to see the new boardwalk - we were planning on a day at the beach somewhere but the weather was very cloudy and a bit cool so we decided to check out Seaside. Here are some pics of the boardwalk and ride piers.

Some of the ramp areas have been paved and have temporary entry ramps - some are not yet finished.

All 400 Kohr's stands are up and running LOL (for Mike G)

Chairs from the Sky-ride look pretty good but it's not up yet

Casino Pier Carousel in the arcade is up and running beautifully

Wide angle of Casino Pier - still removing the second pier while getting rides up on the first

Swings being put up at CP

Disco looks ready to go! (it's open now)

Casino Pier roof top mini-golf is open and we played a game. Also got great pics from the roof of the pier.

Casino Pier from rooftop

Pirate's Hideaway looks to be re-tracked and close to ready

Surf Shack is up as well

Behind the Surf Shack where the Disc-o is

Still a lot of work to be done

Old boardwalk that was still intact and the old sign for Funtown Pier

Old FTP entrance

For comparison this is what it used to look like

FTP has done no rebuilding yet. Some old rides still remain and the pier is still in shambles. They are claiming they will open 2014

Typhoon ride remains

The sky coaster stilts remain

Tower of Fear still standing

Cars from the Ferris Wheel still remain.

Midway is back in full swing

Laughing Gulls are flying at my head once again which can only mean things are getting back to normal, LOL!

You know it baby! :-)


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Re: Photo report Seaside/Casino Pier/Funtown Pier 7-2-13 by antikythera antikythera Profile at 7/29/13 12:02:16 AM
It's good see the piers are coming along nicely, although it's sad to still see all those homes torn apart.

Thanks for sharing.

Re: Photo report Seaside/Casino Pier/Funtown Pier 7-2-13 by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 7/29/13 5:44:34 AM
I want a Kohrs fresh-squeezed orangeade right now!!! If not sooner!
The amusement park rises bold and stark
Kids are huddled on the beach in a mist...
Re: Photo report Seaside/Casino Pier/Funtown Pier 7-2-13 by KevinReid KevinReid Profile at 7/29/13 11:32:05 AM

Thanks for taking the time to post and share those great photos with us.

Kevin Reid

Re: Photo report Seaside/Casino Pier/Funtown Pier 7-2-13 by GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile at 7/29/13 3:20:36 PM
I just saw this article and thought it would be very appropriate for this post:


Re: Photo report Seaside/Casino Pier/Funtown Pier 7-2-13 by LoneStar LoneStar Profile at 7/31/13 9:18:27 PM
Thanks for the pics, Jen!

- Pat-O