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I-305 still down


7/23/13 at
2:33:33 AM

Hey everyone,
Just got back from KD on my return to MD. I-305 is definitely still down. The silver train has been rescued from its perch at the top of the lift and is parked at the very end of the brake run (I assume they found some way to hoist it over the top and just let it sit there after it coasted to the end).

The cable lift house has been taken completely apart (roof included). The large spindle(?) for cable has been removed and the small guide rotor(?) is sitting in the grass next to the house. I remember these things from our tour we took last year after participating in the filming of I-305 for Insane Coaster Wars.

There was no activity in the area, maintenance or otherwise, so I guess they are waiting for Intamin to send them whatever part they need. I doubt the ride will be open this week. Next week if the parts get here early, but it could be as late as the 1st full week in August before I-305 is back operational.

In other KD news, the park was dead once again. I got there at 3:30 rode Dominator, FOF and Anaconda 10 times in a row each without leaving the station. I was also able to ride all the rest of the park's coasters by 9:00. (only Volcano had a 15 min. line.)

I feared the woodies since PTC's are awful tight for me and NTG incident has to be fresh on everyone's mind. Well, I only got stapled on Hurler. The ride op actually grabbed the screwdriver thingie to release my bar in order to "make sure it was down 2 clicks". Ouch, glad they did that trackwork on the first 3 turns this off season because the last turn rattled my nuts out! Even with no line, I was only taking 1 ride on that. The ops on Griz and Rebel Yell did not double check. Perhaps because they had 1 op checking the entire train. Maybe they haven't got the memo yet. I expect it not to be long.


Re: I-305 still down by antikythera antikythera Profile at 7/23/13 9:51:23 AM
Interesting. I was going to ask about crowds because I figured that with I305 down, Volcano and Flight of Fear had to be nightmarish since people sort of congregate toward those areas.

Seems like the opposite is happening. With their marquee attraction down, I guess most people are choosing not to come. I was going to put my monthly trip on hold because a trip to KD without I305 kind of sucks but if it's controlling the crowds, I might make the 2 hour trek.

I heard somewhere on Facebook that the part has been ordered from Intamin, and they are just waiting for it to be delivered.

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Re: I-305 still down by HamptonRoadsRider HamptonRoadsRider Profile at 7/23/13 1:30:12 PM
Yup that is a bummer. I will probably hit KD before the season ends, but must ride I305 again after having ridden MF. I love them both, but want to see if I305 is as smooth as i remember.

Volcano - that ride has ALWAYS had a huge line. Seems like everything in the park can be walk on, yet volcano has an hour wait. Flight of fear is hit or miss. The stunt coaster is a nice under the radar ride - lots of fun!

Re: I-305 still down by GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile at 7/23/13 2:01:20 PM
I think it's the heat more than anything. SFGadv has been dead as well but Hurricane Harbor is so packed you can barely get in the wave pool. The normal 3 hour wait for the Safari was 20 min this past Friday. The weather's cooling down a little this week so I'm curious to see if attendance picks up as well. I'd still go to KD with I-305 down - I personally don't think it's worth the hype anyway.


Re: I-305 still down by drachen drachen Profile at 7/23/13 2:19:47 PM
I wonder what kind of warranty comes with such a ride. Is the lift covered for 5 years? Is it covered for a certain number of ride cycles? I wouldn't be happy if I was Kings Dominion that in only the ride's fourth operating season, it needs a new lift motor.
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Re: I-305 still down by alpengeistno3 at 7/23/13 2:24:07 PM
I tend to agree with Jen about the heat. I did not go in the waterpark, but I figure that is where most people were. The front half of the parking lot was moderately full with people still coming in when I got there mid day, so it is not like the people are staying away.

I too expected FOF to take the brunt of the crowds with I-305 down, but it does appear that people don't even know it is back there, just like the years before 305 was put in (although there was still SOME semblance of a line. Both times, it was literally EMPTY when I got there around 6:00.)