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Six Flags St. Louis Marathon and Contest

antikythera antikythera Profile

7/18/13 at
5:00:00 PM

Saw this on Facebook the other day and it got me intrigued.

Apparently, Six Flags St. Louis is holding an event where nine teams of twenty four will be competing to ride each of their nine coasters for nine hours, overnight, presumably without break, rotating between each coaster each hour.

They are asking for ages and if you're a season pass holder, so I'm assuming they are going to pair enthusiasts, non-enthusiasts, young and old, etc.

We've all marathoned to some extent, but for nine hours? It'd be interesting to see how the body reacts to different forces and positions all night long.

I was joking on another forum that if it was my home park SFA, I personally don't know if I could handle the hour long treks through Mind Eraser and Apocalypse, especially if they were at the end. That'd be brutal and just plain cruel.

What's your take on this? Would you be able to do it and which parks?

Just imagine if Cedar Point and/or Magic Mountain did one for 16 and 18 hours respectively. That'd be insane.

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Re: Six Flags St. Louis Marathon and Contest by alpengeistno3 at 7/18/13 7:09:16 PM
Most of us spend 10 or more hours at an amusement park during the operating day, so I suppose the only real challenge would be the lack of sleep.


Re: Six Flags St. Louis Marathon and Contest by Cyclone_Phil Cyclone_Phil Profile at 7/18/13 10:33:09 PM
Well I did at least 10 rides each on the BGT B&Ms (and the park wasn't exactly empty either). I could've done more if I wasn't dealing with crowds and the long walk b/w coasters. I guess I'm at that point that anything more than 8 strait rides (rerides) is just too much for me and I'd need some breather time.

I'd like to do something like this for the experience/fun, but I'd need more time for breaks. I can tolerate a 10-12hr park day, but that's only if I take it easy by taking in some flat rides and maybe some shows in between.

Re: Six Flags St. Louis Marathon and Contest by redfire03 redfire03 Profile at 8/28/13 4:28:10 PM
I am one of the participants in this. Still waiting on final details, but if nothing else it should be fun with lots of night riding all the coasters.
Re: Six Flags St. Louis Marathon and Contest by Schrecken Schrecken Profile at 8/29/13 1:42:35 PM
In order for me to do something like this, the coaster(s) would have to be very re-rideable (never been to SFSTL so I don't know what their coasters are like) for me to an hour on each or just one. I could do it on Great Bear at HP and Apollo's Chariot at BGE, to name a few that I could marathon on for an hour. But most parks don't have a whole collection of coasters that are that mellow, so I'd imagine that more than a few people will be stuck riding some rougher rides.
Re: Six Flags St. Louis Marathon and Contest by redfire03 redfire03 Profile at 9/15/13 6:06:43 PM
i did the marathon friday night (sept 13, 2013) and had a blast. i was on the winning team (we had a tie of 13/16 riders left on two teams - team rust and team purple). i was on team rust and it was the most fun i've had at SFSTL in awhile. SFSTL did a good job on this, i'd do it again in a heartbeat.

i can type out the details if anyone is interested

Re: Six Flags St. Louis Marathon and Contest by antikythera antikythera Profile at 9/15/13 6:48:27 PM
I'd be interested. I was curious as to how it was going to be set up.
Re: Six Flags St. Louis Marathon and Contest by Coaster316 at 9/16/13 9:26:05 AM
Yes, I would definitely be interested in hearing more as well.

Thanks and I'm glad you had such a good time.

Re: Six Flags St. Louis Marathon and Contest by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 9/16/13 2:03:10 PM
Stuff like this makes me really sad because I don't think I could do it. Not that I don't have the willpower, or the tolerance to forces mentally, but because I'm type 1 diabetic.

I would freakin love to try! but I'd be weary as forces have started to affect me because of being type 1. Positive G's get to me a lot worse :/ I'd have to test my blood a lot for something like that lol. Also I'd need food!

They're lucky haha. I really feel like I could ride a coaster for incredably long if it weren't for dumb diabetes.

- mugen828
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Re: Six Flags St. Louis Marathon and Contest by redfire03 redfire03 Profile at 9/16/13 5:56:50 PM
Ok so the contest was set to have 9 teams of 24 people. Each team started at a different coaster and proceeded through the lineup after riding for 40 minutes. We would move up a row after each cycle to stretch and ensure a different experience for everyone. We were given 20 minutes to get to the next ride. Drinks and light snacks were provided at each ride. As with any event like this we had quite a few no shows so we had different amounts of members on each team. Our team had 16. The winner would be determined based on highest percent of team remaining at the end. 9 vouchers for skipping a cycle were given to each participant. Only 2 could be used per ride however. Pandemonium and Mr Freeze were designated "rest" rides where you could sit 2 members out on each cycle.

My team (Team Rust or Team Patina as we called it) started at the Mine Train. Next we rode Ninja, Batman, American Thunder, Mr Freeze, The Boss, Pandemonium, Screamin Eagle, and finally Boomerang. We were going strong at 100% through Mr Freeze when the affects of the beatings started to show. We finally lost people on the Boss after 5 or 6 cycles of getting beaten to death. We incurred our only losses here. Our team made it the longest without losing anyone so we were very proud of that. I'm convinced the one two punch of Mr Freeze and the violence of the rough Boss were directly responsible for these losses. No one from our team used vouchers until Mr Freeze and even then only 1 person used 2 because she was puking in the grass at the exit. Puking on the ride would have caused her elimination from the contest. Several other teams had pukers on the rides, Batman and Boomerang being the primary issue for those teams. She collected herself and finished the contest without using another voucher. We had several people sit out NO RIDES and use NO VOUCHERS which in my opinion is incredible. My fiance and our new friend John were 2 of them. I ended up using 2 vouchers on the very last 2 rides of our final ride, Boomerang. The violent jerk at the beginning of the second lift hill churned my stomach too much after all of the other rides. If they can figure that jerk out, Boomerang will be a pretty good ride IMO.

As I said, we tied with Purple Team for having 13 of 16 riders still active at the end. We all won 2014 Season Passes and out of all of us a name was drawn randomly for an all expense paid trip to SF America which a member of my team won. Anyone from any other team that didn't use any vouchers also got a Season Pass which was a bonus as this was not announced or guaranteed. SF was impressed people could do it without vouchers and rewarded them accordingly.

Six Flags did a great job and I'm sure learned a bit during this as well to improve for future events. If they do it again, I will most definitely be there. It was great just walking up to each coaster and not having to wait and getting to experience every seat on the rides.

Re: Six Flags St. Louis Marathon and Contest by MABrider MABrider Profile at 9/16/13 11:05:59 PM
That's a great explanation of the event. Thanks for writing it.

Was it better or worse to end it all on (a) Boomerang?

Mike B.