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TR: Six Flags Fiesta Texas with 7 kids

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7/12/13 at
5:56:46 PM

Monday I visited SFFT with some of my best friends, Rachel and Jeremy and 7 (of their 8) kids. Yes, we had one in a stroller, a 2-year-old, the next 5 scattered between 5 and 12 years old. (And we had to leave the 3 year-old with the broken arm and his grandparents!)

Many of you are probably questioning the sanity of such an adventure, and I still can't believe we made it alive. But we had a blast! The kids were well-behaved and they could all ride something (minus the baby).

The adults spent much of the day trading off watching the stroller and ridings. I only got a few rides on IR, Poltergeist, and SKC. But it was worth it to let the parents get in some good coaster time and not have to worry about baby sitting.

I love riding coasters with young kids! The looks on the 7-12 year olds' faces getting of IR and Scream were priceless. It takes me back to when I was that age and those coasters seemed so huge and intimidating.

All in all the family got in a good number of rides. Some of the smaller ones cried when they couldn't get on big kid coasters but SFFT has enough for everyone.

Strangely, the height requirements for IR are significantly lower than Scream and Frisbee - go figure!!

This was a new experience for me, as I've never sacrificed ride time to look after young children, but considering I can go whenever I want, it was a fun time.

I still must complain about SFFT's ride ops. Only single train operations on Goliath, Poltergeist, and RRE - while this is prime summer season!! What's up with that? Plus, most major coasters had only 2 - count them 2 - ride ops. The park wasn't crowded, but line waits were way longer than they should have been.

They were also in the practice of letting kids sit on a coaster, lock their restraints....then questioning their heights and having to unlock the train, get the kid out of the car and measure...gee what a waste of time. Seems like they could have checked before they sat down.

It just seems like SF wants to do everything they can to maximize queue time.

I'll go back in 2 weeks with Rashandra for a full TR. But without the kids this time.

- Pat-O