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Six Flags New England Saturday 6/29/13

ktujon ktujon Profile

7/1/13 at
4:10:55 AM

I went to Hartford, CT to catch up with an old friend so I figured why not check out Six Flags New England though had to settle on a Saturday since it was his only free day. I had my season pass and my friend got his tickets for $36 at the New Britain parks and rec office.

The drive was really short from Hartford probably like 30 minutes, I noticed there was no welcome to Massachusetts sign going up that road but there was one for Connecticut going back.

I saw before arriving at the park entrance there were grass lots where you could pay $3 or $5 all day which was pretty close to the main gate (anyone have experiences parking there?), we just parked at the regular lot since I had a parking pass and the shuttle came pretty frequent and was a quick ride to the entrance.

The park opened at 10am while we arrived alittle after 10:30 and based on previous trip reports we went straight to Bizarro, there wasn't much of a line other than the front seat so we waited two trains for the 3rd row.

By the time we went around for the 2nd ride the line had started at the bottom of the stairs and a ride op at the top of the stairs was letting people into the station. We waited about 2 cycles to get into the station and another 2 trains to get the next to last row.

I definitely liked the back of the train than the front especially with the pull on the first drop.

I can see the resemblance of Millenium Force with the body of water on the left side of the lift hill which has a nice view. The lap bars are different than the Ride of Steel ones since they are much thicker which I don't really like since it puts pressure on my thighs (I haven't recovered from Skyrush on Monday).

The track layout reminds me more of El Toro since the layout is closer together not spread apart and I would say the airtime is also comparable to the ride too.

Went to Goliath next the line started at the 90min mark and wasn't moving and noticed there weren't boarding or running the train so we moved on.

We did Flashback which had different restraints then Sidewinder but still comfy, Cyclone (saw the remains of that catapult ride which wasn't on the park map) then Pandemonium(probably the longest wait of the day of 30-45min)

Had lunch at the JB Barbeque place which was really good comparable to Hershey can't say which was better but they got a nice selection of sauces and you can eat in the AC dining room with TVs everywhere.

After lunch saw Goliath running and waited about 30minutes and got the row 2 outside seats which happened to fall on us since we were pretty much being assigned seats. Loved the opening drop and I could feel I could slip out of my seat while hanging up there before the drop.

After our train got back to the station we got stuck! and they had to close to ride down which left all those people in the station extremely upset. A team of mechanics had to unscrew the panels behind each seat and manually lift up the shoulder restraints slowly. I didn't mind waiting in my seat since there was a nice breeze coming into the station.

We took a break from coasters and did Houdini and Tomahawk which killed my shoulder!

We rode Thunderbolt and despite it being smaller than Cyclone it was a surprising smooth ride for a wooden coaster, the size of the drops reminds me of the Scooby Doo coaster.

Rode Catwoman, the wild mouse coaster, Mind Eraser which didn't seem any different than the SFA one other than shoulder restraints that fit!

Waited about 15min for Batman where the line started around the bottom of the stairs where a TV was attached to the side of the building.

The ride op would assign us rows we got the 5th row and we got a nice view of the river with the Springfield skyline in the background. Compared to the other floorless B&M I've been on this one was surprisingly short.

Someone waiting in line on Mind Eraser recognized me that got stuck on Goliath and told me that I could goto Guest Relations and get exit passes which would let me onto any ride which I did and decided to use on Goliath since it was my favorite coaster in the park and got assigned to the 8th row.

Ride wasn't as good as the first I think due to the view but the first drop was still enjoyable. I bumped my nose into the restraint as it was coming up.
We left the park around 5:30pm

I noticed this park with the coasters have low capacity especially the wooden ones only had one train running and you got two boomerangs so lines can get long for that though the line for Flashback was consistently the same 15min.

The size of the park was great! everything was close together comparable to Six Flags America def better with ride placement and you got a river next to you as well!