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Tobu Zoo Japan - Trip Report

rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile

6/30/13 at
9:14:22 AM

So technically this is my first real trip report of a theme park in Japan. So this trip report will be a little different from the other ones I have done.

So first I am no longer going to parks by myself. I have someone who just got to my ship who also loves roller coasters. He isn't the enthusiast I am but he still loves to ride them. I'm explaining a little about him first just because he will probably be in most trip reports. I won't explain a lot but I will say I have more in common with him than anyone else I've ever met. We both listen to the same music, both like roller coasters, and both want to be film producers. His name is Christian Newlands. But in all my reports he will go by last name since that is what we do in the navy.

So I'm not sure if you all know much about the park itself or not but It's basically like Busch Gardens. It's a zoo mixed with an amusement park. So the front of the park is where all the rides are at. We walk into the park and we immediately head towards Regina. Regina is the first of the parks 2 coasters and it is wooden. It's actually a pretty good woodie despite it not being too tall. But it does get some good speed and is very long. We rode this like 8 times throughout the day. The amusement park side of the park is quite a dead zone. So we wander around a bit and pass by the ferris wheel. It is a pretty good sized one but we didn't care to ride it.

So next we go on to the Intamin Mega Lite Kawasemi. This coaster was great. We rode it also like 8 times. It looks small but it is one of the most thrilling rides I've ever been on. The only coasters to be more thrilling are El Toro, Tatsu, and X2. You almost get more air time then Nitro. The trains are extremely comfortable and the coaster is extremely smooth. I definitely find it cracking my top 5.

Next is the zoo. This is probably the best zoo I've ever been to. It has such a wide variety of animals most of which you have probably never seen before. It had White Tigers, Kangaroos, Emurs, white peacocks, hippos, and more. The animals were all fairly entertained expecially the monkey's. They were funny to watch. They did a lot of sexual stuff that I know you don't want me to say on here.

So for the park as a whole I give it a 5 out of 5. Food and drinks were so cheap I forgot I was at a theme park. Drinks were 150 yen which is about 1.50. They had mostly had Japanese food but they had a couple American stands. I bought a corndog and fries for 500 yen. And the zoo was just so great. The major drawback of the park was there was only 2 coasters. Much of the rest of the theme park was very old. A bunch of old flat rides and stuff. And a hint if you go ever make sure you don't buy the unlimitted all day pass. its 1500 yen to get in and another 3300 for unlimitted. But a single ride is only 100 yen. you would have to go on 33 rides or more to get your money's worth out of it.

Hopefully I get another trip report up soon. My facebook is on here again. All my Disney Sea pictures are also up on there now.


Re: Tobu Zoo Japan - Trip Report by LoneStar LoneStar Profile at 6/30/13 9:38:49 AM
Hey Brandon. Thanks for the TR. I rode a mega-lite in China about 3 years ago. They are quite fun rides, smooth, and loaded with air time.

I can't call them "thrilling" though. Because of their size, the lack the intensity and speed that I like in a coaster. Now don't get me wrong, mega-lites are awesome and wonders of engineering. I just got off wanting more...more speed and thrills.

Can you tell us more about Regina? What's the air time like? Smoooth or rough? How's the layout and pacing?

Thanks for your service in the Navy and we hope you come home soon.

- Pat-O

Re: Tobu Zoo Japan - Trip Report by rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile at 6/30/13 10:55:38 PM
Sorry I was a little bit cut on time last night when I wrote it. Regina was a little rough. It had a different design to it. It wasn’t an out and back design but it wasn’t really a real tight design either. Think of a layout like mean streak but more spread out and not as tall.


Re: Tobu Zoo Japan - Trip Report by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 7/1/13 11:12:45 AM
Nice TR! Thanks for writing that up. No idea if I will ever make it to a park in China, but this makes me want to!

Look forward to more of your TR's. Also, that mega-lite sounds fun! I am all about those style of coasters.

- mugen828
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