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My IOA Trip Report!!


4/2/00 at
10:36:05 PM

At long last, after heading down I-75 from Atlanta, we reached Islands of Adventure! We rode Hulk twice, which is now my favorite roller coaster, we also rode the dragons, each side once. Fire won our vote for the best! Jurassic Park river adv was really fun. Unfortunately, Spiderman broke down while we in line and was down I believe the rest of the day. Every ride there was great, this park was everything I've read and heard it would be and more!! I may seriously buy a season pass, if not this year, for 2001, even though I live 7 hours away! We went to Seaworld on Saturday and Kraken will be absolutely incredible! I will return later this summer!

Thanx for listening! Tay

Re: My IOA Trip Report!! by nep4444 at 4/2/00 11:03:05 PM

I'm very sorry you didn't get to ride Spiderman, as it is undoubtedly (in my opinion) the greatest single ride on the planet, no exxageration.