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Dive to Atlantis

Overbanked Overbanked Profile

6/23/13 at
4:44:30 PM

From 2004 to 2007 Mt Olympus had a water coaster there called Dive to Atlantis. From various reports, there wasn't really much to this ride, besides the big splash at the end. Also, it was known to be a capacity nightmare. So this begs the question, why was it removed?

I heard a rumor that it was removed because E&F Miler went outta business, and they wouldn't have any spare parts available, but I find that hard to believe, because there are two current operating E&F Miler water coasters in the US.

Does anyone know why is was removed?

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Re: Dive to Atlantis by SirWillow SirWillow Profile at 6/26/13 11:08:26 PM
Copied and quoted from a post at TPR, so take it for what you will. It's the one thing I did find about the possible reasons it's gone:

Begin quote:
At the ACE Mt. Olympus event we had a Q&A session with the park owner. He said that Dive to Atlantis was one of the worst investments that he had ever made, because of late opening (late in 2004), maintenance costs, and breakdowns. He told us that last summer a ride operator noticed that the track (coaster part of it) had basically broken off/ cracked and snapped off. They e-stopped it so that no accident happened with a train/ boat. They fixed it by welding the track back together and ran it for the rest of the 2007 season. After that they chose to take it out. They now have a picnic/ group catering area there.
End quote

Re: Dive to Atlantis by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 6/26/13 11:51:23 PM
^^^Sounds good enough to me. Thanks for the info Sir Willow.