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Tokyo Disney Sea Trip Report (Sort Of)

rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile

6/22/13 at
5:42:55 AM

So as some of you may know I'm in the military and stationed in Japan. Well I went to Tokyo Disney Sea today. Going in I was planing on making a good in depth trip report on the park since most of you probably never have or never will go. But I had a kind of bad day so this going to be quick.

So I took the train from Yokosuka to Disney Sea. The trains literally take you everywhere here. But right as I walk in the park it's themed completely to Italy. The park is set up as different ports kind of how Epcot is set up towards different countries. It was themed very beautifully. Now I had a couple of friends who couldn't come to later so they were going to met me there. So the beginning of the day I just walked around the whole park to take pictures. They were planing on leaving base at about 9:30 and they should have gotten there at around 12:00. I was going to meet them at the front gate at 12:00 but they don't show up. I start texting them to see where they are at and they never reply. One of them I talked to at 12:00 and she told me they were almost there. But they never showed up. So I wait for two and a half hours and they're still not there. Now we have to be back on base by 7:00 if your by yourself. So I only had time to ride Tower Of Terror which was a 90 minute wait. It doesn't have the same story as the one in Florida does. And I think I've been spoiled by other drop towers that are bigger because It was not near a good as I remember when I went to Disney World. It was way to slow. So by the time I got off I wasn't able to ride Journey To The Center Of The Earth, Indiana Jones, or the other stuff I wanted to do because My friends decided to stand me up. I haven't heard the story of what happened yet though. they still aren't replying. But I will say I would like to go back sometime because It was very beautifully themed. And again all my pictures will be up on Facebook soon. Also I have a bunch of pictures from Japan up on there too


Re: Tokyo Disney Sea Trip Report (Sort Of) by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 6/22/13 5:52:56 AM
Well, that sucks. I've read nothing but awesome things about DisneySea, especially Journey/Center. I hope you have the chance to get back under different circumstances, Brandon.


The amusement park rises bold and stark
Kids are huddled on the beach in a mist...
Re: Tokyo Disney Sea Trip Report (Sort Of) by rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile at 6/22/13 9:57:18 PM
The thing is that is was a very beautiful park and the theming was wonderful. Journey to the Center of the Earth looked pretty awesome. I've heard it is a better version of Test Track at Epcot.


Re: Tokyo Disney Sea Trip Report (Sort Of) by LoneStar LoneStar Profile at 6/23/13 9:03:57 AM
Well, Heck, Brandon. That's not cool at all. I'd suggest a solo visit in the future so you won't have anyone holding you back.

We gladly await the next Disney Sea TR!

- Pat-O