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ACE Membership

antikythera antikythera Profile

6/21/13 at
5:44:01 PM

I'm pretty sure this might have been addressed before, but I couldn't find it in the search feature, so my apologies if this is a duplicate.

I've been hovering over the thought of obtaining an ACE membership for some time, if not to defray some of the costs associated with going to some new amusement parks I have not been to (Kennywood, Idlewild, etc.) where I do not have a season pass or the ACE discount seems worthwhile when bringing friends and family (the trial membership cost, in reality, cancels out the savings I would get going alone).

I am also interested in many of the events they will be holding this year, so a membership seems more applicable than ever for me. Keep in mind I already have a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass, Six Flags Gold Pass, and a Busch Gardens 2 Year Platinum Pass (loving those payment plans from these companies) so I'd would save even more on events with both an ACE membership and the aforementioned passes.

I'm pretty sure many of you are either current or former ACE members. What has been your experience in joining the club to save on attending different parks and events around the country. Is it worth it in the long run?

Here are the current benefits for this year:

Thanks in advance for all insight.

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Re: ACE Membership by frontrow frontrow Profile at 6/21/13 6:58:02 PM
First off most small parks offer discount tickets to ACE members. Every year we get a new list of parks that offer discounts and how much the discount is. With your ACE membership you get 4 editions of Rollercoaster the Magazine every year. They actually do a great job with it. You also get 4 editions of ACE News a year. As for the events; years ago it was really cheap to attend events. It was cheaper to go to a park for an ACE event than on a normal operating day. Due to the popularity of ACE, parks have decided to taken advantage of several hundred coaster enthusiasts visiting the park. It is now more expensive to go to an event. It's actually cheaper to go to a park when they are not having an event. I used to go to some events years ago, but haven't been to one in quite a while due to that reason. During most events you are given Exclusive Ride Time on certain coasters, you get to meet a lot of great people, and the food they provide is usually outstanding. Years ago there were only several ACE events. Now it seems every park has an ACE event every year. Part of the reason I don't go anymore is because of the been there, done that aspect. I now rather meet up with people on this site at parks. I'm an ACE member, I enjoy being an ACE member, and recommend ACE to all coaster enthusiasts. I don't mean to sound negative, I'm just telling it like it is. Hopefully you'll join ACE and have as much fun with it as I have.
Re: ACE Membership by antikythera antikythera Profile at 6/21/13 8:20:20 PM
Some of the events did seem astronomical but others seemed fair to get the ERT. Seems to be on a case by case when I looked at the fliers.

The magazine definitely sparked my interest even if it's a dying breed (I design my organization's quarterly newsletter, so I know how it goes).

Having done some ERT in the past (and a quite poignant one at Cedar Point last month), it'd be nice to be among enthusiasts again.

I think I might give the club a test run, see how it goes.

Re: ACE Membership by frontrow frontrow Profile at 6/21/13 8:40:44 PM
I'll give you an example of how it is beneficial to join ACE. My membership dues for the year were $60. In August I'm planning an 8 or 9 day trip. On that trip I'll get discount admission at Indian Beach, Dollywood, and I think Lake Winnie. We are also planning on visiting Six Flags Over Georgia. My daughter and I have Six Flags season passes, but my son doesn't. ACE is supposed to send me a coupon for half off admission for my son at SF Over Georgia. So in that one trip, I'll make that $60 back and then some.