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Conneaut Lake Park updates


6/20/13 at
1:57:39 AM

Hi fiolks,

I am a volunteer for CLP and have been working there every weekend since 3 weeks before it opened. I would like to keep you updated with the ongoing projects by both the staff and volunteers. Early last season I took a friend up there for a couple of hours. I was shocked at the situation, and my friend thought it was cool because it reminded him of one of those creepy amusement parks seen in scary movies. I didnt know it at the time, but indeed it is one. Anyway, I thought it was curtains for the park last year.

On volunteer weekend, i notoced things had already started to turn around. I spent the day helping get the leaves out of the putt putt area, and painting fences. I have been back every weekend since. Two weekends ago i was joined by the contractor who is volunteering a ton of time and donating loads of supplies. Another season pass holder works aboit half the time he is there. Heres your updated status for clp..

The Blue Streak picnic grove is nearing completion. Barring any rain, the painting will be finished on Saturday. Soon gravel and new tables will ne added and should be open in about a month, maybe sooner.

The trabant was down, now running.

The Tilt is close to ready.

The Bug...hoping for July, but it will be the only ride not functioning.

The train..either will have new or rebuilt engine this weekend. As far as the derailments go, they have found the cause and are exploring the meantime, you will know why you are creeping around the curve around the grove bathrooms!

The Blue Streak...some tlc has been applied. This weekend it will be sporting new track at the bottom of the first drop. New track has already been installed at the bottom of the second drop. Running probably better than it has in 15 years. If all goes well, a paint job will be its reward for 75 years of dedicated service to coaster lovers of all ages.

Mems room Splash City. New paint on dividers either this weekend or next.

Games interior paint in games. Exterior paint is on the short list.

Landscaping..22 large bags of mulch added on Monday..more flowers and mulch to come.

A note on current Management. They inherited a disaster. But they are sincere, if not excited, about the futire, despite the current situation. They are getting all the current rides back on track one by one. They have intentions for that park, and i believe that given a chance, they will achieve their goals. Very hard working maintenance staff. They will get done what needs to get done.

Park overall....a ton of work left to do. Unfortunately, none of us volunteers have paving experience or equipment. It would be awesome if, like the paint contractor, a paving company would pony up. Short of that, the pavement will have to wait until it makes fiscal sense to fix it. Yes, some rubble needs removed, and some areas still need cleaned up.and that will happen in time. It didnt get this way overnight. And the things currently being worked on are kind of like jigsaw pieces. You can see something developing, but wont see it clearly until the last few pieces are put into place.

Promise fiture updates will be shorter. In the meantime, dont forget. Fireworks at 10pm on July admission.

Re: Conneaut Lake Park updates by MABrider MABrider Profile at 6/20/13 8:20:38 AM
Your writing of the existing conditions of the grounds and rides that are now being addressed is nice to read (especially the Blue Streak work, for us here).

Bringing the park back won't happen overnight, so let's hope the work that you and all the others are doing pays off.

Thanks, and please keep the updates coming.

Mike B.
Re: Conneaut Lake Park updates by pianotech at 6/24/13 6:39:58 AM
Hello all, new to this forum but a long time fan of CLP and the Blue Streak. In the early 70s, my cousin and I once rode it 25 times in a row. Yes, we were much younger then. :)

Regarding the park, I came across this on its Facebook page:

Something very big is going to be happening at CLP in a few weeks. We will need ALL HANDS ON DECK for this exciting project involving the Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park, Inc. and a large, nationally recognized company. We will need more volunteers than ever before, and over a period of many days, not just a weekend. Even if you cannot be at the Park, you will still be able to help, but it’s definitely something you will want to be a part of. This event will bring a huge amount of publicity to the Park on a national level, so please block off some time at the end of July to participate. We cannot divulge any other details at this time, and this Facebook page and our website ( are the only places to have official, accurate info regarding this topic.

Anyone have any ideas as to what it could be? Whatever it is, it sounds big.



Re: Conneaut Lake Park updates by Bluestreakaddictt at 6/24/13 1:01:37 PM
Forgive me if this posts 3 times. My smartphone not so much!

Conneaut Lake Announcement. One of the best kept secrets i have seen. I believe it will be a positive. You MAY find out if you attent the BLUE STREAK BIRTHDAY BASH on July 20th . Even if they dont announce there you cant go wrong with a 5 dollar ride band and, if you bake, you may enter a cake in the Blue Streak Birthday cake baking contest. Lets pack the park on July 20th!!

The brutal heat kept volunteer progtess to a crawl this weekend. All the dark blue om the Blue Streak picnic pavilions is done. The light blue for the gable ends has not arrived yet. The volunteer contractor will be there 2 more days landscaping and possibly painting the the mens room at splash city.

The brutal heat did not deter the staff. Motor now in train, and hopefully running for this weekend. From what i saw, that train is a tricky devil to work on. Hopefully this will be the end of its woes.

Bug and Tilt...stil down.

Blue Streak. Yeehaw! Retracking the bottom of the first hill did it wonders. Back seat not only smoother, but once again providing stand up air on hill two and good doses of air on three. Even getting more air on the trip back. Ride cycle down 15 seconds since opening day. More retracking to come!!! Cant wait to help paint that puppy!!

Dont forget...fireworks July 6th.

If anyone wishes to join the organized volunteer effort, they can contact Ron at website. We generally are there Saturday and Sunday at 9 am or so. So just show up if you want! For any other times, like weekdays, contact the personnel office (next to trabant).