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Re: Room for Expansion at Hersheypark? by rush211243 at 6/20/13 10:52:03 AM
Hi, I'm a recently new member and my first post! I've had season passes to HP for most of my life with my family growing up too. Live 45 minutes away and know some people who work at HERCO. They say there is and has been definite plans and availability to expand. Basically they said 'there are plans at work' since last year.
Re: Room for Expansion at Hersheypark? by Coaster316 at 6/20/13 3:59:05 PM
I haven't been to the park in a few years, but the complaint back in the day was that their waterpark area was too small and didn't offer enough. Would it make sense for them to build a sort of second waterpark in the new space? It doesn't look big enough to replace the existing waterslide area, but working as a companion may work. Seems like it might be a hassle for people wanting to go back and forth if they don't allow bathing gear in between the two, but it would still be better than removing any other rides to expand the waterpark area now.