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Are there any roller coasters in Alaska?


6/16/13 at
5:09:56 PM

Are there any roller coasters in Alaska?

Re: Are there any roller coasters in Alaska? by Schrecken Schrecken Profile at 6/16/13 9:43:23 PM
I checked the rollercoaster database ( and according to that site, there are no coasters in Alaska. RCDB just counts permanent installations, so outside of a carnival or fair, Alaska is sadly coaster-free.

However, that would be a mighty tough place to have an outdoor coaster due to the climate. I could see maybe an alpine-type coaster being built in AK in a tourist-heavy area, but that's about it.

Re: Are there any roller coasters in Alaska? by antikythera antikythera Profile at 6/17/13 12:25:58 PM
Anchorage (and places south) is actually quite mild in the summertime to early fall so a coaster could work, depending on the manufacturer (

The drawback would be in the cooler months and finding a demographic to cater to. Although Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska (~300,000 people), in reality, it isn't that major of a city and places north like Fairbanks have even less (~35,000 people).

Like Schrecken mentioned, if one was serious in building a couple permanent roller coasters, it'd have to be built in a tourist heavy area to get any real traffic for sustainability.

Juneau sits further south than Anchorage so it might be a good spot if you were marketing your coasters as a getaway resort with thrills.

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Re: Are there any roller coasters in Alaska? by SirWillow SirWillow Profile at 6/18/13 2:44:07 PM
The problem with any sort of permanent installation is those winters. That extreme cold is not going to be good on the steel and other materials. I would imagine that you would be risking making the steel brittle and fragile and susceptible to failures. Not sure that would be worth the risk.

And cost for any sort of larger ride up there is going to be huge, due to cost of getting the materials up there, etc. I don't know that there is a population base that could make it close to cost effective.