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Review - Iron Rattler

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6/15/13 at
10:09:00 PM

A week ago I took a quick visit to Fiesta Texas after my Cutco appointments to buy my season pass and try out the new coaster - Iron Rattler!!

First impressions, the theming is well done, as is almost everything at SFFT. They kept the desert rock queue and there's a new concrete statue of a diamondback greeting you at the entrance. The cars come complete with a rattle snake head on the front car and a rattler coming out of the back.

I just got two ride in that day - one in the very back, and one riding 1.2. I'll take you through the coaster step by step, pointing out the highlights of each seat's vantage point.

The trains are identical to those on The New Texas Giant - probably the most comfortable I've been in (watch out MFs!). No bars to hold on to - just that saddle horn thingy between your legs!

The lift hill is quiet, and nearly comes to a stop at the very top, teasing you as you peer 170 feet down at 80 degrees! In the back this drop is insane. One of the best I've been on. You fly our of your seat during a free-fall that seems endless. I couldn't even scream. In the front this drop is great due to the visuals and speed, but I prefer the back.

The train rises to maneuver an over-banked turn, and a swooping right-hand drop back to the ground.

Next, the coaster goes through one of the most amazing inversions on any coaster ever. The Zero-G roll is perfect. The train keeps its speed will through the inversion, but it seems so LONG. You truly experience the Zero-G affect, regardless of which seat you ride. The inversion fits in perfectly with the track layout. Like Maverick, the inversion is not the main feature of the coaster, but blends in harmoniously with the pacing and other elements of the ride. It was genius to put this inversion right in the middle.

The coaster then takes a bunny hop into a unique layout - back to back 90 + degree turns in the opposite direction - one to the right, then to the left.

I've never experienced back-to-back elements like this, and it's hard to explain. The front is much better at this point, and the back seems to drag a little through these elements. The front gives better air.

At the point, the train feels so controlled, it's unreal. It's incredibly smooth, and eerily quiet. Just like on the NTG, it's almost too controlled. It doesn't have that "Fly off the tracks" effect like Maverick or MF. However, the elements are great fun.

A nice air time pop following the overbanked turns drops you into a great tunnel. Again, here I preferred the ride in the front -the pops of ejector air on the hill apexes are more to my liking. The back has great air, too, but the speed effect and ejectors are much better in the front.

The tunnel is lighted blue and red and filled with fog, and it was great! A cool ending to the coaster.

SFFT and the Rocky Mountain Coaster Company have a winner on their hands with Iron Rattler. The first drop is world-class, and the inversion is INCREDIBLE! Like NTG, I've never experienced a ride sensation quite like it. It's almost too smooth and controlled. It's not daringly intense...but fun, fun, fun. Like in my review of NTG, the closest thing I can compare it too is an Intamin Mega Lite.

This coaster was much needed by SFFT, and I'm so glad they replaced that waste of space that occupied the spot for so many years (Mean Streak...are you listening CP?) Now, with Superman, Goliath, Poltergeist, and Iron Rattler, SFFT has 4 truly world-class coasters.

Make this park a destination. You won't be disappointed.

- Pat-O

Re: Review - Iron Rattler by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 6/15/13 10:59:20 PM
The "saddle-horn thingy" is actually the only thing to hold on to?
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Re: Review - Iron Rattler by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 6/16/13 11:33:10 AM
I rode this as well, 2-3 weeks ago. Simply AMAZING ride. It now sit's at #5 all time for me I believe.

The speed, insane turns, smoothness, and just craziness this ride can do was impressive.

A note for some people, in the "front" of the four people cars, as in the first row of the two row car, there are shin bars. I'm super tall so my shins were hitting them, and although not a huge complaint, I feel like it'd be more comfortable without them. The back row in each car does NOT have them.

If anyone is thinking about going to Fiesta Texas this year, stop thinking and just go!! Iron Rattler was no joke!!

- mugen828
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Re: Review - Iron Rattler by Schrecken Schrecken Profile at 6/16/13 1:17:47 PM
I wish I could get there while the ride is still new, as by the time I will be able to get to that park, those inversions will probably have become torturous neck-snappers.
Re: Review - Iron Rattler by rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile at 6/20/13 8:38:26 AM
I want to go on it so bad. But as I live in Japan its pretty impossible to get back to the states. Sadly