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Flash Pass at SFNE

CortexBomb CortexBomb Profile

6/10/13 at
7:36:04 AM

Quick query all:

I'm heading back to SFNE for the first time in nearly a decade. I've considered getting a flash pass to avoid the lines there, but I've not used this service yet and I have a question, are specific rows reserved for this like with the older systems or do you have the option to sit where you like?

I ask this most specifically about SROS/Bizarro as it's the ride that I'm returning for, and I'm specifically looking to get back seat rides on it.

Thanks all,


Dippin' Dots: The Only

Re: Flash Pass at SFNE by MABrider MABrider Profile at 6/10/13 8:57:58 PM
Michael, wow, it's been...years!

Flash Pass at SFNE is pretty good re where the entry points are.
Other than Thunderbolt, which you enter at the exit and cannot choose your row (normal line is like that anyway), you get into the other stations at the same place as the regular line, and THEN you simply choose your row's queue, etc. I am not sure about Goliath, it's only year two being in New England and I haven't used Flash Pass since prior to that.

But FP entry is especially nice on Supe...Bizarro.
Remember how the regular line goes up stairs and then into the station? An employee now stops that line on the landing in order to prevent the station itself from becoming overloaded and cycles people in as necessary.
With Flash Pass, your entry point is the OTHER set of stairs that leads to that same landing. Once you check in with that same attendant, you go into the station. And now your are on your own as to how much longer your wait will be. Row one has extra queuing space as that wait is always longer, of course. For a quicker turn around, go for row two...often no one is even there as I believe people think it is part of that extra queue for row one (it is NOT). I've had good luck getting last car rides, too.

Also, those Flash Pass devices are wonderful; once checked in at a coaster, you can reserve your next coaster even if it's across the park. But I expect you know that.

Be aware that Coaster Con is at SFNE June 16 - 18.

Hope you get a good weather day and have fun!

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Mike B.
Re: Flash Pass at SFNE by CortexBomb CortexBomb Profile at 6/11/13 7:36:18 AM
Mike : Good to run into you on here again, it has indeed been ages!

I've been out of the active coastering gig for a few years now, but I'm re-established in Pittsburgh and have disposable income for heading out to parks again so I might be making a post here and there now as the mood strikes me.

Thanks for the information on the system at SFNE. I expected that the system offered more rider choice since they upgraded it to the three tier one, but I wanted to be sure before dropping the extra cash on one for the day.

Warm regards,


Michael W.
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