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4/2/00 at
6:10:15 PM

...if any of you guys are planing a trip to the mountain in the future AVOID weekends all together!!!! The park is capacity packed, there was almost an 45 min wait even for Flashback, with the commercials now running, which look absolutely amazing, i am certein this will be a magic mountain record attendance year, i never seen it this packed in April (before Spring break extreme even started)...anyhow good news on GOLIATH , seems like all prior problems are fixed they run 3 trains all day, have not seen it brake down, and although the sign said 1:45 hr wait and the line stretching all the way to Bugs Bunny World(!!!) we got on the ride in under an hour!!!

Re: SFMM WARNING by Coaster Steve at 4/2/00 10:51:53 PM

>Help me out here if you could, I'm going to SFMM in a few weeks, and I'm deciding to either go on Friday, April 28 wich closes at 1:00 a.m. I'm going, or I either could go on one of those weekdays during April 25-27 and on those weekdays the park closes at 6:00 p.m. I want to go during the week for lighter crowds but it closes at 6 wich doesn't make me want to go since I go to SFMM only every 2-3 years, I would like to go on that Friday since it's opened for 15 hours but I have a feeling the crowds will be very heavy on that day since I heard there was going to be some kind of concert thing going on. So what do you think I should do? also does anyone know when Spring Break is for SFMM and how long will it last until? thanks for any replies

>Coaster Steve

Re: SFMM WARNING by alexatucla at 4/3/00 4:03:52 AM

..the reason it's open till 1 am is there's a gospel concert, the park will be packed on that date, so any weekday, even if the park closes at 6 p.m.(still gives you 8 hours of fun) will be better than a weekend, check goose's board, everyone who went this past weekend confirmed that the Goliath line is under an hour(even though it passes Bugs Bunny World) so have fun, if you missed out on the last years make sure you hit riddler's revenge, superman and all the magic mountain classics(hint hint VIPER) gooses board url is

Re: SFMM WARNING by Masher at 4/3/00 9:32:01 PM

I made an agressive estimate that SFMM attendance would increase 10% this year and I'm sticking with it all the way to the bank.....

Margin of error +- 2%