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New modfication for Condors from Huss

sparky sparky Profile

4/2/00 at
5:00:55 PM

Huss Condors are essentially scramblers that are elevated up a 100 ft tower to offer a view while spinning. Hersheypark, Great Escape, Morey's Pier, and SFGAM are among parks that offer this large device.

New for 2000, Huss has offerred a modifcation to this family oriented thrill ride that should make the palms sweat on those afraid of heights- they are now offering an upgrade to the laydown seats found on the company's Fly Away rides- a smart move that takes a rather dull ride and making it into a legit thrill ride. The only problem I foresee is load/unload time, but this already will exist once the first Fly Aways take flight this summer. I would suspect Gary Story will go for this upgrade- so perhaps the Condors at the Great Escape and SFGAM would be the first to feature the lay down seats.


Re: New modfication for Condors from Huss by Ken at 4/2/00 9:50:54 PM

sounds like fun