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Educated Guess for future of CP

Cedar Pointer

4/2/00 at
4:35:09 PM

I've been thinkin about the near future of CP. After all the crazy rumors and stories like a 400ft inverted in 2001, I decided to sit down and single out CP's options in the future.....I doubt that CP will get another Arrow coaster for next year because just look at what CP did in 89 when they wanted the fastest, tallest coaster out there they of course went w/ Arrow, but 10 years later they want to again be on top so they go w/ Intamin (even though Magnum is still the #1 steel coaster). Togo is not it either couse Knott's and Cedar Point are owned by the same company, Cedar Fair. I did narrow it down to 2 comp. 1 Intamin

2 B&M Think about it, CP must of had a 2 deal contract w/ B&M couse 94/Raptor 96/Mantis. Intamin could also have a 2 contract w/ CP!

What kind though..... just like many other people have said what doesnt CP have? A really good sitting looper, B&M and Intamin are great companies for those. Looking over the stats of the park and the race for the best, most, fastest, tallest coasters, ect... (Which CP is always on top) "Im sure it will be a steel looper" THANKS, Cedar Pointer :)

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