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Disabilities and fraud at amusement parks

Stredain Stredain Profile

5/21/13 at
5:58:41 PM

Hello everyone.. I read the article on the people whom hire disabled people to 'line hop' and use the disabled entrances when they are not disabled.
I am disabled and have a service dog. I do use the privilege and the ease of the rider access program at BGE, and to hear this clear abuse of the system at WDW is appalling.
It is fraud to do what they are doing at WDW. The ADA spells out that such services are for disabled and handicapped people, and to perpertrate a clear case of fraud could lead to serious legal issues.
I am infuriated with the actions of such people.. its bad enough that some people look at me in a strange fashion because of my SD (service dog). If this continues, it may reach the point WDW (and other parks) will require the person(s) using the disabled service to be checked for a wristband or some sort as they are BGE or discontinue it entirely. I do not mind waiting in line and try not to abuse the privilege.. I usually reserve my rides for VB as soon as I get to the park.
But this fraud.. makes all of us who are disabled look like we want preferential treatment. Some do, yes, but a majority want to enjoy the park and have a chance to ride the rides as much as a non disabled person.
Thanks.. I am still miffed and hope to High Hell the frauds and the people they hire are PERMANENTLY banned from ALL Disney parks.
Most respectfully,