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Thoughts from Disneyland 05/01/13

ray_p ray_p Profile

5/1/13 at
10:31:22 PM

As with California Adventure, I will post a full TR next week. My return to Disneyland was quite possibly one of the best days I have had in a very long time, despite both Space Mountain and Big Thunder being down.

- Pirates and Haunted Mansion are still two of the best dark rides anywhere.

- Only having to wait 10 minutes to ride Mr. Toad twice was awesome.

- Roger Rabbits CarToon Spin was far more fun than I anticipated.

- Single Rider Lines on Matterhorn, Indy and Splash Mountain made my waits on those headliners as literal walk ons.

- Speaking of Matterhorn, that is such a classic. The new sleds are a bit uncomfortable, but its a small price to pay for such a fun ride.

- The projection technology used on the Finding Nemo sub ride is pretty impressive.

- The surprise of the day though was Star Tours. The new 3d projection is crystal clear and the random locations idea is pretty cool. I rode twice and got Hoth, the Pod Race and a battle with Boba Fett. I will definitely be riding again.

In all, Disneyland still rates as the best park of any kind I have ever been to. It truly is a magic kingdom!

Re: Thoughts from Disneyland 05/01/13 by Coaster316 at 5/2/13 10:19:36 AM
So glad you are having such a great time, Ray. I am very jealous.

Looking forward to the videos.

Re: Thoughts from Disneyland 05/01/13 by theRock-steel theRock-steel Profile at 5/3/13 8:23:54 AM
Was that a single day event where you didn't have to rush? I would not expect Space Mountain to add much more time to my day. It was good to hear nice things about Mr. Toad, Roger Rabbit, Matterhorn, and Indy. Those are sure things for me since they are not doubles of rides back here in Florida.
Re: Thoughts from Disneyland 05/01/13 by ray_p ray_p Profile at 5/3/13 10:10:20 AM
Yep. I did that all in less than a full day. Longest waits at DL were Pirates (20 mins) and Nemo (also 20 mins). As with DCA, take advantage of the single rider lines for the big rides that offer it (Indy, Matterhorn, Splash) and FastPass Roger Rabbit or Star Tours as the stand by lines were about 30 minutes.

Off to my last day at the DLR. hoping to see the fireworks tonight if I can make it through the whole day. These old bones aren't quite as strong as they used to be!

Re: Thoughts from Disneyland 05/01/13 by theRock-steel theRock-steel Profile at 5/4/13 5:48:12 AM
I was mainly wondering if certain things that many have said are better here at WDW could be skipped at DLR in order to double up on those that are better or unique there. I was thinking of not doing Splash, Haunted Mansion, Star Wars, and It's A Small World in order to do Indy or Matterhorn twice each. (Though Peter Pan and Pirates are better in California, right?)