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On-Ride and Off-Ride POV of Gold Striker Test Runs

Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile

4/24/13 at
2:02:01 PM

First drop seems quick and short in that tunnel.

Re: On-Ride and Off-Ride POV of Gold Striker Test Runs by drachen drachen Profile at 4/24/13 2:36:43 PM
The drop does seem quick, but keep in mind it's kind of a double down. Once you make the turn, you immediately drop again to ground level.

This ride looks like a ton of fun. I'm a huge fan of GCI coasters, and I don't think I've ever ridden one when it was brand new.

I'll be in Irvine for work June 17-19th. I'm renting a car that evening, and on Thursday the 20th (early) I'm driving up to the bay area (hoping to beat L.A. traffic), with a pit-stop in Gilroy to check that small park out.

I'm meeting up with Fred B. (used to post here years ago) at Gilroy, after which we'll head to Great America for a few hours and then down to Santa Cruz for the evening.

The next day will consist of a couple of hours at Discovery Kingdom (already been there, but need to ride Superman and re-ride Medusa and Roar), before we head back to Great America.

I've never been to Great America or Santa Cruz, so I'm actually very excited for this trip.

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