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CP: opening weekend question

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4/23/13 at
11:23:27 PM

I'm leading a group of 17 of the nation's best Cutco Cutlery sales representatives to CP opening weekend.

We'll be there Sunday the 12, which I expect to be crazy crowded, but how about the Monday after opening weekend? Who's been there this day? What type of crowds should we expect on the Monday following opening weekend?



Re: CP: opening weekend question by ray_p ray_p Profile at 4/24/13 6:22:26 AM

May 13-17 is considered "Math and Science Week" at the Point as schools from all over Ohio descend upon the park to allegedly learn a few things. To be honest, they should just call May "Math and Science Month" because the school groups are there seemingly every day.

As far as crowds go on Mondays, with the opening of a new coaster, expect it to be busier than usual and expect most of the people to be lined up for GateKeeper. On the plus side, lines for MF and Maverick may finally decrease a bit this year! I went to CP the first Monday of the 2000 season and waited 3 hours for Millennium Force. Ouch!

And if things are too crazy crowd-wise, you guys can pool some money together for FastLane passes... :)

Enjoy your visit to America's Roller Coast!

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