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New Rollercoaster Book

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4/19/13 at
9:00:11 PM

I recently purchased a book called American Coasters A Thrilling Photographic Ride. The book contains 12 chapters. Chapter 1: Cedar Point, Chapter2: Knoebles, Chapter3: Six Flags New England, #4: Carowinds, #5: Six Flags America, #6: Kennywood, #7 Busch Gardens Williamsburg, #8: Kings Island, #9: Six Flags Over Georgia, #10 Kings Dominion, #11: Dorney Park, and #12: Six Flags Great Adventure. The book also briefly shows Islands of Adventure, Worlds of Fun, Valleyfair, Busch Gardens Tampa, Six Flags Magic Mountain,Sea World Orlando, Dollywood, Six Flags St. Louis, and Holiday World.

I have read the whole book. There is some information about the parks and the rollercoasters at the parks, but the this is mainly a pictorial book. The photos in this book are incredible. I personally appreciate the book because I take a ton of photos, while visiting parks. I know the exact spot some of the photos were taken, because I photographed the same shot. The only difference is the photos in the book are a lot better quality than mine. Some photos were taken in a perspective that I never thought to photograph. My favorite photos in the book not only capture the rollercoaster, but the park atmosphere also. I

I'm super impressed with this book. Even my non enthusiast friends love this book. This book has enhanced their curiosity in our hobby. The photos are just amazing. If you want to purchase a the book, you can send a check to Thomas Crymes at 708 Thornhill Dr. in Collegeville PA 19426. The price is $28, he will sign it, and pay for the shipping. I believe Amazon will have this book in the near future for a slightly lower price. I have been in contact with the author, Thomas Crymes, and he seems to have the same passion that we do. I sent him a check on a Monday, and received the book the following Monday. So if you are lookin for a great pictorial book on rollercoasters, this is the boiok for you.

Re: New Rollercoaster Book by MABrider MABrider Profile at 4/19/13 9:33:28 PM
Was it a birthday present to yourself?
Mike B.
Re: New Rollercoaster Book by frontrow frontrow Profile at 4/19/13 10:09:51 PM
It actually was. I rarely buy anything for myself. I try to save every penny for our coaster trips. I hunt and fish, but I rarely even spend money on that. I tie my own flies, so I have to spend money on fly tying materials. Those materials are very cheap though. I really go into money saving mode every winter. I refuse to go in debt for my hobby, and put money in the kid's college fund every month. A $28 book is out of the ordinary for me, but the book is so good that is was $28 well spent. I truely believe whoever buys this book will feel same way. I just wish the book had more reading material and had more photos. His photos are incredible. I would love to see the photos that didn't make the final cut. I can't stop looking at the book, and wishing I had the same photographic talents. The book has inspired me to take more photos and upgrading my photography equipment.
Re: New Rollercoaster Book by Rollercoaster_freak220 Rollercoaster_freak220 Profile at 4/20/13 12:07:52 AM
I happened to win that book from a contest that Coaster101 was having. It's a great book! Beautiful photography on every page, and little anecdotes to go along with it. Hope he writes a follow-up book like he wants to. Been a long time since a coaster book was published that I thought looked remotely good, and then I end up winning one! lol Wonderful addition to my coaster-nerd library. :)
Re: New Rollercoaster Book by theRock-steel theRock-steel Profile at 4/21/13 7:36:06 AM
I haven't been to Six Flags New England yet and are going to Six Flags Magic Mountain late this season. Otherwise, I have been to every park in it. It sounds like the perfect thing for me. How long/big is the thing anyway?
Re: New Rollercoaster Book by frontrow frontrow Profile at 4/21/13 11:31:55 AM
theRock-steel said:

I haven't been to Six Flags New England yet and are going to Six Flags Magic Mountain late this season. Otherwise, I have been to every park in it. It sounds like the perfect thing for me. How long/big is the thing anyway?

I haven't been to SF Magic Mountain. Like you, that is the only park in the book that I haven't been to. The book measures 11 1/2 inches by 8 3/4 inches. It contains 175 pages, and has a hard back cover. You can also check American Coasters on Facebook. The author, Thomas Crymes checks it often. Also, if you are planning on purchasing the book include a note card with your name, address, and phone number. If you friend on Facebook, he will keep you updated with the progress of the order.

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Re: New Rollercoaster Book by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 4/23/13 1:42:19 AM
I am DEFINITELY going to have to get this book! thanks for posting about it. :) Sounds like a great thing to show others who might think we're a bit on the crazy and nerdy side :p
- mugen828
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Re: New Rollercoaster Book *NM* by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 4/23/13 6:15:58 AM
The amusement park rises bold and stark
Kids are huddled on the beach in a mist...