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Re: 2001 news update for Six Flags AstroWorld


4/2/00 at
6:27:43 AM

> 2. TEXAS CYCLONE will be
> refurbished for its 25th birthday, with new
> trains (PTC rolling stock), a new paint
> scheme, and extensive track reprofiling.

They just did a refurb on the existing trains this year instead of getting new ones. Maybe they left it off for next season.

> BATMAN THE ESCAPE's trains will be replaced,
> and the ride will have a dark blue/yellow
> paint scheme.

Great. B:TE looks really bad now with its paint falling off.

> 7. The
> TEXAS TORNADO will be equipped with new
> safety restraints, and will be renamed
> again.

Excellent. The current restraints are extremely uncomfortable when it begins crushing my shoulders.

> 11. the BIG KAHUNA water
> attraction (opened last year) at Six Flags
> WaterWorld, will be removed. As of last
> Saturday, all of the above listed was
> confirmed by park management. Look's like
> next year's gonna be a big one.

Why are they removing this? Its one of the best rides at the park.