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SFKK update

Need 4 Speed

4/2/00 at
1:28:27 AM

Well, I haven't writting on this site in a while but I am back. I went down to ol KK on Friday to see what was new on opening night. To put it in words, nothing for the most part. I say for the most part because in the site where Vampire used to stand there was some work being done. A fence closed off that area with a sign that said something like Fun coming soon or soemthing. I can't really remeber. Some concrete had been poured in this area and land leveled. I know they are supposed to get a wild mouse but it is going to be a month or two before this becomes reality. I didn't make it by to see what was playing in the 3-D simulator. Other than that same ol park, nothing got rethemed and no one was there. There aint nothing wrong with riding T2 and Thunder Run over and over again!

Need 4 Speed

Re: SFKK update by Shaggy Shaggy Profile at 4/2/00 8:30:59 AM

Thanks for the trip report.

Amazing though isn't it? HW can add a brand new large woodie in a 9 month time period. PKI can build the worlds largest woodie in a 1 year time period, CP can add the worlds tallest (for the time being) steel coaster in an 8 month perod. But then their's SFKK, who's Wild Mouse track has not even arrived at the park although the park has already opened.