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Re: ? over the lack of 90 degree drops on rides


4/1/00 at
11:45:07 PM

Pure speculation, but if you think about it, it makes sense: There is a small amount of leeway on traditional roller coasters between the track and the upstops, right? Well, at 90 degrees, there's no set of wheels in contact with the track at all times, so for a straight drop, I think the train would rock back and forth very, very quickly between the upstops and the main wheels, which would cause one hell of a rattle and would probably be very, very painful. Freefall rides don't really need to worry about this, since they don't need to worry about speed to get up the next hill, since if you tightened the upstops so they gripped the track, you'd probably slow the ride down too much. Maybe there's a solution to this somewhere, but I think that would be a major problem. Just my thoughts.