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A Picture of Smiler / Alton Towers


3/27/13 at
3:19:19 PM

Courtesy of Colin at UK Rides

Smiler at Alton Towers

One loop is my max these days: Not sure if I would survive this messy mass before greying out! :-)

User Submitted Picture
Re: A Picture of Smiler / Alton Towers by Cyclone_Phil Cyclone_Phil Profile at 3/27/13 3:26:19 PM
By the wiki article: 14 inversions!?! Insane! I hope they build something like that here. I don't care if the inversions are the same/similar. I just want something more than the standard 'max' of 7 here in the US.
Re: A Picture of Smiler / Alton Towers by Streaker Streaker Profile at 3/27/13 4:08:11 PM
WOW...I'm ready....wish it was here in the US. That pic makes me want to hop on a plane to be there for opening soon as I win the lottery lol.

In that one pic I can identify 9 inversions...
-Interlocking boomerang and cobra roll (4)
-Corkscrews (2) tangled in the center
-2 large diving loops (or Imelman's depending ont he direction of travel)in the center
-single inversion just above the treetop on the right.



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Re: A Picture of Smiler / Alton Towers by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 3/29/13 1:48:31 AM
Yeah Alton has decided to go with them old school trains with the headbanger OTHR's instead of the newer far more comfortable trains like on Dare Devil Dive. Oh boy...and how many inversions this thing is gonna have? This sounds like one that you might have to ride defensively. I honestly don't know what people in the industry are thinking about, given that an updated superior product within the same company isn't being implemented for such a new coaster.

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