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Dollywood question


3/26/13 at
10:37:08 AM

I was thinking about going to Dollywood this Friday (good friday march 29th) Was wondering what the crowd is usuallt like on Good friday in years past.. How busy of a day is it or has it been other years? And what about Saturday? I know parks are usually slammed on Saturdays. And how is the weather this time of year?

Re: Dollywood question by Judy_P_in_Pgh Judy_P_in_Pgh Profile at 3/26/13 6:20:54 PM
I'm planning on driving down Wed. night and hitting the park Thurs. and Fri. The park just opened last weekend, but many of the employees are seasoned veterans and it shows in how smoothly things run each year in March. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather isn't quite as brisk as last weekend's 6 Flags trips!