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Japan Parks

rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile

3/25/13 at
3:29:31 AM

So in a couple weeks I will be going to Fujikyu Highland here in Japan. This weekend I might be going to Yokohama Cosmoworld and Sea Paradise. I would also like to make my way out Nagashima Spa Land some time this summer while I'm here but no gurantees since it's so far from the base. But I plan to make some Trip Reports but that just depends on how busy I am. Everything on my time here in Japan is on my facebook if you want to keep up with it. Plus all my pictures are also on there. I'm traveling around while I'm here.

Re: Japan Parks by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 3/25/13 9:05:36 AM
That is AWESOME! I envy you so much! I have had to rely on just pictures on videos for the past few years, but seeing a TR on it all would be cool! So you at least have 1 person who would love if you got around to putting a TR on here :)
- mugen828
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