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Need to interview "rollercoaster experts"


3/17/13 at
1:04:42 AM

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As a part of a school assignment, my 10 year old son needs to conduct a Q & A with an expert in a field of his choosing. The field he has chosen is the "physics of rollercoasters". Since we don't know anybody in the field of rollercoasters, I thought maybe an online forum for rollercoaster enthusiasts would be a good way to go.

If anybody would care to take a few minutes of their time to answer the following questions to the best of their abilities, your help would be greatly appreciated. Some of the questions may be geared more towards a designer/engineer, so like I said, to the best of your abilities if you aren't a designer/engineer.

1. What are the basic physics of roller coasters?
2. How do you program a rollercoaster's movements?
3. What are some important words and the definitions of those words that relate to roller coaster physics?
4. What is the history of roller coasters?
5. What are some improvements that have been made to rollercoasters since being invented?
6. Do any of the improvements have to do with the physics of rollercoasters?
7. How would you make a roller coaster have the least amount of friction?
8. What types of computers are used for programming a rollercoaster?
9. Has there ever been a rollercoaster that was so dangerous that it had to be torn down?
10. Approximately how much did the most expensive rollercoaster that has ever been built cost?
11. What is your field of expertise pertaining to rollercoasters?

Thank you!
Mark and Tim

Re: Need to interview "rollercoaster experts" by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 3/17/13 9:50:13 AM

Here are some other threads that probably might help also.

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Re: Need to interview "rollercoaster experts" by RobLec RobLec Profile at 3/17/13 2:08:23 PM
Overbanked said:

Wow... verbatim. Chapter and verse.

Either copied from a syllabus, or more likely the same troll.

Re: Need to interview "rollercoaster experts" by SirWillow SirWillow Profile at 3/18/13 12:31:20 PM
Or maybe another person in the same class?