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Train sited on SOB track......


4/1/00 at
7:28:55 PM

Well so starts another season working at PKI. This one however is going to be one of the most exciting because I am on SOB. We had training today so I was at the park for about 5 hours. Of course since they were working on it we couldn't actually go to the ride but we walked up next to it. This thing is HUGE....anyway as I was walking away I noticed a red car sitting on the track coverved in plastic. I thought to myself for a second before it hit me and I realized it was one of the trains to the coaster car. I couldn't get close to it but what I saw was that is was Red...has 3 sections of seats per car and has headrests just like any other wooden coaster. Couldn't tell anyting really exact about it but it was cool to see it on the track. From what I have heard they are going to try and test the track with only one car first to see how things go. This doesn't make sense to me but they just might. Just thought I would share that info with you.