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SFA report

Ride Ridder

4/1/00 at
7:13:18 PM

Today I went to SFA for training and noticed a couple things. While walking through the park for training, I saw that ROAR is running, the Wild One is running and both quite smoothly. The Iron Eagle was running also. Their is great progress on S:RoS. One thing I noticed was a new ride that looks like an octipus with arms coming out. Does anyone know what it is? Every coaster has the trains in the stations. On a side note, when I went into the building past post 2, I saw some old framed pictures of Wild/Adventure world. I noticed an up-close photo of some blue coaster on while it's upside down. Most interestingly, there was an old photo of the Wild One, then Giant Coaster, at Paragon Park. Interesting to see the coaster surronded by streets and a penny arcade, and to see it wihtout the helix. Also, SAM, I saw the Coaster Zombies award plaque hanging up with all the other awards.

Re: SFA report by /\ Blast Coaster at 4/1/00 8:37:09 PM

Well, if the blue coaster was a defunct SFA one, well I guess it has to be the Python which had a half blue color scheme at one time. The octopus ride you're talking about must be the one in front of Shipwreck Falls similar to Cedar Fair's "Monster" rides. A question for you now - do they have track on the 2nd and 3rd hills of Superman up yet? Oh, BTW, do they have park maps anywhere in the park yet? I've been curious about the new rides, sections and names for a long time now...

COASTERnet 2000! (

Re: SFA report by Ride Ridder at 4/1/00 10:13:47 PM

Regarding the track on the 2nd and 3rd hills on S:RoS, Yes! Both of those hills are complete with track. Although, their is still one crane right next to the lift hill, i didn't see any other cranes. Also, about the park maps, for one thing in the posts that have the big maps throughout the park, there is still Frieght Fest maps in them. Also the lights in the lamps in the front entrance still have orange and red lights in them, I supose the'll have to change these before next Saturday (April 8) which is a private park buyout. Also one thing I noticed, where the six American flags are in front of the front entrance, they added a thirteen striped flag with a Union Jack in the corner. This is different than last year I think. I think last year it had the Betsy Ross flag, the 1976 bicentennial flag, and four current flags.