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Spring trip...suggestions

Posted: 2/12/13 at 12:24:08 PM
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Living in Virginia and working for the Govt I have rarely had the chance to take a nice long rollercoaster trip. This Spring the wife and I will finally be taking one and we have a general idea of where we want to go but as always we are looking for ideas, suggestions, or anything else you guys can give us.

The bases of the trip will be to go to Cedar Point, (my first time going), Kings Island, and Holiday World. Not sure what order we will be going in, whether we go to Indiana first or Ohio. We are thinking early June but not sure when schools get out in any of the areas. Would be nice to hit Cedar Point during the week when kids are still in

Any thoughts about what order we should go in...places to stay..or any other parks near by that we should include?

Thank you all!!


Re: Spring trip...suggestions by RobLec RobLec Profile at 2/12/13 2:31:38 PM
All three parks begin operation the second week of May, but I believe your best bet it to start at CP and then hit KI and do HW last. Generally the later in the summer you hit CP the more crowded it will be. Be sure to check each park's special events calendar to avoid school outings if possible.
Re: Spring trip...suggestions by frontrow frontrow Profile at 2/12/13 2:48:07 PM
Beech Bend is in Bowling Green KY, which is a little over a hour from Holiday World. The admission is relatively cheap, if you're an ACE member. Their wooden coaster, Kentucky Rumbler, is in my top 10 favorite wooden coasters. Beech Bend is a small park, so you could have a lot of fun in just a few hours. You don't really need a whole a day. It's a perfect place to stop at while traveling from Kings Island to Holiday World.

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