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Re: NAPHA Survey Questions


4/1/00 at
4:18:59 PM

I think the name of the organization goes a long way into understanding the criteria....

National Amusement Park Historical Association.

This differs rather significantly from...

National Airtime Gut Wrenching Association.

Furthermore its clear to me that an organization such as this is going to place a good portion of their rankings on historical significance.

Magnum: first Hyper Roller Coaster. Raptor: first Inverted to break the 130ft height, 3000ft length mark.

Given how popular these types of Coasters have become its logical that an organization such as this would honor the first in class representatives.

The others steelies that rounded out the 1999 list were, in their own right, first in breed...

Steel Phantom Nemisis Steel Force (the least ground breaking)

I find it a nice balance to have several different polls, each with a different algorithm that drives the results. The NAPHA poll in particular is quite unique and tends to represent a different perspective than a standard poll. Nothing wrong with that IMHO.